I Got Accepted or I Was Accepted – Which Is Correct?

Sometimes, it can be confusing to determine when it is appropriate to say “I got accepted” or “I was accepted”. This article will examine the meaning of both expressions. It will also discuss when to use them and provide examples of how they can be used in sentences. 

I Got Accepted or I Was Accepted – Which Is Correct?

Both “I got accepted” and “I was accepted” are correct and can be used in sentences. The difference between both expressions is in the tone they convey when used. However, this tone does not significantly change the meaning of the expressions. They can be used interchangeably. 

i got accepted or i was accepted

You use “I got accepted” or “I was accepted” when you are talking about being admitted into a group or a position you may have applied for in the past. This could be a school, a degree, a club, a program, or a job. Both expressions generally have the same meaning. They are used in speech and writing. 

Because they have the same meaning in most situations, they can be used interchangeably in sentences. If you replace “I got accepted” with “I was accepted” or vice versa, the meaning of the sentence does not change. 

In some situations, it may be more appropriate to use “I got accepted”, while “I was accepted” is more appropriate in other situations. This is because “I was accepted” implies a complete change of position. That means being “accepted” is something that has occurred already, independent of the speaker’s actions. 

On the other hand, “I got accepted” implies that the speaker has achieved the state of being “accepted”. It does not convey the same amount of confidence in being accepted that “I was accepted” does. In other words, “I was accepted” sounds more confident, while “I got accepted” sounds less confident. 

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I Got Accepted 

The expression “I got accepted” means that a person has been admitted into a group or position. This can be because the person has previously applied for the position. You can use it when you are referring to a school or any educational system or position. 

Using “I got accepted” in a sentence usually implies that being accepted is something that has been achieved or acquired. It is correct to use the expression whether in speech or in writing.

Here are some examples of how you can use “I got accepted” in a sentence:

  1. I am so excited to tell the rest of the family that I got accepted to the university. 
  2. When I opened the letter, I did not know what to expect, so I was surprised to learn that I got accepted into Harvard. 
  3. When I found out that I got accepted to college, I immediately called my mum to share her news.
  4. Once I got accepted to the group, I was able to make friends and speak my mind freely.
  5. It is one thing to learn that I finally got accepted to the club, it is another thing to figure out how exactly I will fit in. 
  6. I got accepted to the program last month so I will be traveling in a few weeks. 
  7. I’m sure that one of the reasons why I got accepted to med school is my excellent grades.

I Was Accepted

The expression “I was accepted” means that a person has been admitted into a position or group. Most times, they have previously applied for membership into that position or group. You use this expression when you are talking about a school, degree, program, or any other educational system. 

When you use the expression “I was accepted”, you are implying that your position has changed completely. That is, you have moved from not being accepted to being accepted. 

This implies that the entire event happened in the past, and you are simply stating that fact. Unlike “I got accepted”, you are not specifically saying you have achieved something when you use “I was accepted”. 

The following sentences are examples of how you can use “I was accepted”: 

  1. It was a dream come true for the whole family when we learnt that I was accepted to Harvard. 
  2. I know that I worked hard on my application but I still can’t believe that I was accepted to college. 
  3. I was accepted to the university to study computer science. 
  4. I was accepted to the group once the other members learned that I came from Texas. 
  5. I made sure I was accepted to the team last semester so that I could perform at the tournament this semester
  6. I was accepted to the program mainly because I met all the qualifications.
  7. I am going to prepare a feast to celebrate that finally, I was accepted to my dream school. 

Final Thoughts

“I got accepted” and “I was accepted” are grammatically correct expressions. Both expressions indicate admission into a position or group when used correctly. They can replace each other in a sentence without changing the sentence’s meaning. There is no specific preference among English speakers.

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