How many is Some? Here’s the FULL explanation (+10 EXAMPLES)

Words in English can be confusing, especially when those words are meant to signify a specific (or generalized) number. “Some” is one such word that makes learning it confusing. It makes people ask questions like how much is some? And what number is some associated with?

How Many Is Some?

The definition of some in numbers is that it equals at least one, but possibly all. That might sound strange at first, but hear us out. When we use “some” in a sentence, we are talking about one or more things. Depending on the context, it could refer to all. For example, “some of my friends” could mean “two of my friends,” just as easily as it could mean “all of my friends.” The context is important with the usage of “some.”

A lot of people are familiar with “some,” meaning at least one. They’ll use it to give someone an indefinite number or a quick answer to a question that asks for quantification. For example, if someone asked you “how many people are coming,” and you reply “some friends,” it’s a quick way to respond without having to give the exact number, because either you don’t know it yourself, or you don’t really care about the answer!

Some is used mostly as a brush-off word that helps to distinguish a number. As we said, though, the number comes more from context than definition. You can’t put one singular number to it and expect it to equal the same amount every time. That’s the glory of using words like “some” or “several,” there’s never a direct answer, so you can have fun with them.

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10 Examples Of How To Use “Some” In A Sentence

Now that we’ve cleared up the definition of “some” and how many it might refer to, it’s time to put our newfound knowledge into action. Let’s look through some examples of using it (see how we just used it in that sentence, too). We’ll show you when it’s best suited, as well as when it can mean anywhere between one thing or person, to all the things and people.

  • Some of my friends are coming around later.
  • You’ll find some food in the fridge.
  • Some of you won’t be graduating tomorrow.
  • Some of us might not make it.
  • I’ve ordered us some Indian food.
  • We’re not some random people.
  • Do you have some milk?
  • Does anyone have some answers to my question?
  • Some of you may die, but that’s a risk I’m willing to take.
  • Some day soon, I’ll make it out of here.

You can talk about friends, food, days, and everything in between. In each of these cases, the object of the sentence relating to “some” varies. If it can be quantified (given a number), then the word “some” may apply when talking about an indefinite number.

Synonyms For “Some”

Now that we’ve covered all we need to know about “some” and what it means, there’s one last thing to cover. If you’re still unsure of how to use “some” or fancy having a wider range of words to use, then synonyms might be the answer for you! Finding alternatives to words not only makes you more comfortable with replacing words you’re not too familiar with, but it also shows you have a much deeper understanding of the language!

  • Few

This is one of the other most common quantifiable words in English. We use this to talk about more than one, but only a selection of a group.

  • Various

A way to say that varying options are spoken about. It’s a bit more restrictive than the open-ended “some,” but it’s still a good choice.

  • Several

Another quantifiable word that refers to more than “few.” If you’re using this instead of “some,” you’re often using it on the upper end of the amount scale.

  • A number

This one’s good if you don’t want to give an exact number but have a rough idea anyway.

  • A portion

This one’s similar to “a number” but is reserved for specific situations, so you can’t always use it. For example, you can say “a portion of cake,” but you won’t get away with “a portion of friends.” It’s usually referring to amounts in food.

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