Hit the sack: Meaning, synonyms & origin + 9 example sentences

What does “Hit the sack” mean?

“Hit the sack” means to return to one’s bed in order to relax and to sleep. The idiom has the connotative meaning of to go to sleep, to take a nap, get some rest and to go to bed. This phrase is used instead of saying go to sleep, I want to sleep or to go to bed. This idiom totally has its meaning related to bed and sleeping. This is another way to express; to go to bed, to go to sleep.

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9 examples of how to use “Hit the sack” in a sentence

  • The journey was awesome, every one of us enjoyed a lot, and almost we had travelled 100 kilometers; its 1 am now, hit the sack and goodnight.
  • Every night before I hit the sack; I write my memories and things to remember in my diary which helps me to complete tasks at time.
  • Don’t hit the sack until you complete your assignment, your exams are being scheduled from the last week of April.
  • Don’t hit the sack before 12 tonight because it is Anna’s birthday; she will be happy if you wish her on time.
  • Before hitting the sack tomorrow, you must complete all the remaining work; otherwise you would not be able to attend the party.
  • No Angelina, I can’t be there till late night; already I am suffering from insomnia, it would be better for me to hit the sack before 12.
  • Wake up, who allowed you to hit the sack before 2 am; this is your duty room, not your bedroom!
  • I was about to hit the sack, suddenly my door bell started ringing; when I opened the door, it was the delivery boy.
  • You must hit the sack now, thank you for supporting me; I was very anxious about these questions of mathematics.
  • Lock the room from inside before hitting the sack; it’s not safe to sleep without locking your door.

The origin of “Hit the sack”

The origin of this idiom has its relation with an old custom of sleeping on the pillows and mattresses made up of hay and straw. According to some sources, this idiom has been originated from America during late 1800s to early 1900s, when the people used to sleep on the mattresses and pillows made up of straw or hay.

There are no authentic or genuine references and evidences related to the origin of this idiom. The imagery of mattresses filled with straw or hay could be the only idea to understand its origin. The word ‘sack’ may be the reference to mattresses and pillows filled with hay, on the other hand, the word ‘hit’ means to sleep or to place one’s body or head on the mattresses or pillows filled with straw or hay . In its modern interpretation the phrase “hit the sack” means to go to sleep or to go to bed.

 Synonyms for “Hit the sack”

To go to bed, to go to sleep, sleeping, feeling Zs,

Idioms related to “Hit the sack”

  • Get off to sleep
  • Tuck someone in
  • Sleep tight
  • Out like a light
  • Sleep like a baby
  • Lull to sleep
  • Sleep like a log
  • Get your beauty sleep
  • Lie-in
  • Fast asleep