High on the hog: Meaning, synonyms & origin + 9 example sentences

What does “High on the hog” mean?

“High on the hog” means someone who is in the habit of opulence. The idiom is used to point out someone who is in a position of great wealth or luxuriousness. The idiom has the connotative meaning of especially a person, group or an area with a huge sum of money and wealth. This phrase is used to refer someone living a luxurious, peaceful and a life full of lavish possessions and assets.

9 examples of how to use “High on the hog” in a sentence

  • I have not enough money to eat so high on the hog, but I can work hard and I have the knowledge to prove my worth.
  • I wish to spend my life high on the hog but I did not belong from a strong financial background. However I can work hard and achieve my goals.
  • If you want to be high on the hog then work hard, trust yourself and invest in the betterment of society and humanity.
  • She loves me but I didn’t belong from something high on the hog; I trust her that she will never leave me alone.
  • So what if you are not high on the hog, there are several people who trust in humanity and equality!
  • She betrayed me because I was not from high on the hog; she was beautiful, I will never forget the moments spent with her.
  • Hard work is the key to success and with consistency, positivity; a man can be high on the hog.
  • Why you always degrade yourself by saying that you are not someone high on the hog.
  • I don’t like to be high on the hog; one must be humble, loyal, grateful and generous towards humanity.
  • If I was high on the hog, I would donate my possessions among all the poor of the world.
  • I want to marry a girl high on the hog.

The origin of “High on the hog”

This idiom actually comes from the hog. Pork’s back and upper legs are said to have the finest meat. As a result, only the rich could eat the hog’s best meat which is the upper legs. Other expressions that use the term “high” in a favourable context include “high heavens,” “high life,” and “high table.” While the word has been around since the 9th century, it was first used in 1946 in a newspaper named the “Call Bulletin.” The New York Times popularised the term in 1920, blaming people who ate too much to be the source of rising inflation.

Synonyms for “High on the hog”

Lavish, luxurious, wealthy, blessed, huge sum of money,

Idioms related to “High on the hog”

  • As rich as Croesus
  • Be rolling in wealth
  • Wealth beyond the dream of avarice
  • Born with a silver spoon in your mouth
  • Money talks
  • Strike it rich
  • Worth its weight in gold
  • Cost the earth
  • Affluent society
  • Be stinking rich