“Here’s mud in your eye”: Meaning & origin + 4 example sentences

English, like many other languages is in a constant state of evolution. New words are formed, old words are dropped and sometimes old words that have been around for centuries get new meanings. There are certain phrases in the language that are created meaning one thing only for decades to pass and that meaning becomes something completely different. There are also phrases or expressions that have had a consistent meaning. The latter of such is the phrase “Here’s mud in your eye”.

What does “Here’s mud in your eye” mean?

The definition of “Here’s mud in your eye” is to signify bottoms up or cheers. The phrase “Here’s mud in your eye” is generally used when people are giving a toast. This phrase is a signal for you to down your drink as the toast ends.

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Where does “Here’s mud in your eye” originate from?

The expression “Here’s mud in your eye” is actually found more in British English rather than American English. The phrase is extremely informal and is said to have originated around 1930. At this moment, the actual source from whence this expression originated from is still unclear. However, there are certain schools of thought that associate the phrase to the mud found in the First world war trenches. Considering that soldiers had to not only dig but live and fight in those trenches, they tended to get quite muddy, hence the expression “Here’s mud in your eye”.

Another school of thought say that the phrase “Here’s mud in your eye” has the bible as its source of origin, particularly where Jesus was said to heal a blind man using mud. In that scenario, Jesus smears mud on the blind man’s eyes. He then wipes the mud off the man’s eyes, making the blind man regain his sight. It is this theory that people use to make sense of the expression as it common for people to toast to good health. Nevertheless, there isn’t actually any credence to either theory.

4 examples of how to use “Here’s mud in your eye” in a sentence

Using “Here’s mud in your eye” to celebrate a seemingly life changing event

In the instance below, you have two individuals discussing an important event in their life and them celebrating it.

James: I did it! You wouldn’t believe that I actually did it! I don’t even believe that I did it. I proposed to Jenna, and she said yes!

Samantha: That is absolutely wonderful. Here, have a drink to celebrate this. As long as you two live, may you both lead a happy and fulfilled life together. Here’s mud in your eye!

James: Cheers!

Using “Here’s mud in your eye” in a sentence to wish someone good luck

This instance of the expression is generally used in literary terms where creative license is allowed.

To the dirt bikers brave enough to take on the course, here’s mud in your eye

If you are taking the test today, I just want to let you all know “Here’s mud in your eye”

I just want to say that I am extremely grateful to all of you that chose to be here with me, tonight on a special occasion. Here’s mud in your eye.

To you all I say, here’s mud in your eye!

Using “Here’s mud in your eye” in a sentence to literal effect, having mud in someone’s eye

This example deals with the scenario of a horse race, and it actually utilises the expression in a play on words, especially when the weather is wet, and the track is said to be extremely muddy.

“Horse 1 not only cruised to a victory that was measured at 4 and a half lengths, however, its rider, Justin Deveraux stated that he only let the horse drift to the outside down the stretch in order to give Horse 2 an old fashioned here’s mud in your eye.

Using “Here’s mud in your eye” in a sentence to toast to something

In the example below, you see two friends having a discussion at their bar:

Martin: Hey, bet you $5 you will never believe what happened to me today!

Jim: Go on, tell me!

Martin: Well, my supervisor or should I say ex-supervisor decided to call it quits and his boss decided that I would be the best and most qualified person to take his job. What this means is that I have been given what amounts to an extremely significant promotion!

Jim: Woah, that is amazing. We really should have a toast to celebrate this great news.

Martin: That sounds about right to me!

Jim: Raise your pint! Here’s me hoping that your new job and all its responsibilities bring you prosperity and peace. Here’s mud in your eye pal!

Martin: Cheers!