Hello, Governor – Meaning, Origin & Example Sentences

“Hello, governor” is the sort of phrase that, if you watch enough movies or read enough books, you’re bound to run into. But it’s also the sort of phrase where we don’t normally question what it means, or where it comes from. This article will answer these things.

Hello, Governor – Meaning

“Hello, governor”, sometimes spelled as “‘Ello guv’nor”, is a phrase that is used to address a figure of authority, either someone who is literally your boss, or just someone who is older than you or in a position where you should pay them respect in some way.

hello governor meaning

“Hello, governor” is a phrase that can be thought of as roughly equivalent to “hello, sir”, and carries basically that same connotation, except that it would be considered significantly more informal than “hello, sir” is.

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How to Use “Hello, Governor” in a Sentence

“Hello, governor” is an expression that is a little tricky to be able to properly pick up, particularly if you’re not someone from England. Therefore, here we have assembled a list of some top-notch example sentences to help you practice how to use “hello, governor”:

  1. Hello, governor, I trust that all of today’s operations have been in working order?
  2. Hello, governor, I haven’t seen you in a while and was beginning to get worried.
  3. Hello, governor, have my men over at the work site been treating you alright?
  4. Hello, governor, did you receive the emails I sent you yesterday with the documents?
  5. Hello, governor, I’ve just been doing a little bit of hands-on training with the rookies.
  6. Hello, governor, I’ve got to say, your children are a delight, we had a nice day at the park.
  7. Hello, governor, I’ve been thinking about it and I think I would like to ask for a raise now.
  8. Hello, governor, I haven’t seen you around in a while, has everything been alright for you?
  9. Hello, governor, did you know that the project is going at a faster rate than we actually predicted?
  10. Hello, governor, we were wondering when you would finally appear here at the shop to help us out.

Hello, Governor – Origin

While we don’t exactly know who said “hello, governor” first, we do know where it comes from: the Cockney accent that many people in London have. In Cockney, “governor” is roughly equivalent to “boss”, and therefore “hello, governor” becomes a greeting of charming respect.

Hello, Governor – Synonyms

Naturally, because “hello, governor” is fundamentally just a way for someone to greet someone with informal respect, there are plenty of synonym phrases you could use instead of “hello, governor” to get your point across. Here are some of them:

  • Hey, boss
  • Hi, sir
  • Greetings, your honor
  • Hello, manager
  • Hey, mister

Incorrect Ways to Use “Hello, Governor”

In spite of what people might think, there actually are ways in which someone might use “hello, governor” incorrectly. For example, if you use “hello, governor” to talk to someone who you have no respect for, that would be an incorrect use of the phrase.

This is because “hello, governor” is a phrase that pays respect to the person that you’re talking to, because the use of “governor” is a sign that the person is above you.

In What Situations Can You Use “Hello, Governor”?

“Hello, governor” is a phrase that should be used when you’re talking to someone who is, in some way, above you socially. It’s the classic phrase for people to informally use when talking to their bosses in the city of London, after all.

However, you don’t have to be in London to be able to properly use “hello, governor”. You can simply use this phrase whenever you’re casually greeting someone that you have respect for.

Someone doesn’t have to be your literal boss in order for you to address them as “governor”. Many times, in London, people will use “governor” to refer to men who are older than them.

If you’re in London, it might be funny and charming to use “hello, governor” when greeting people, because that’s an expression that comes from that city.

However, you would have to be careful in order to not seem disrespectful, because some people might take some slight offense at you using the expression if you’re in London and you’re not English.