Has Gone By or Has Gone Bye – Which Is Correct? (Examples)

“Time has gone by” is a frequent expression in English. That being said, the homophone of the word “by” is “bye” making it complicated to write the line. If that is a pitfall you stumble upon frequently, worry not, you’re at the right spot; all answers and examples ahead.

Has Gone By or Has Gone Bye – Which Is Correct?

The line “has gone by” is a perfect use of the English language and means that something has passed. On the other hand, “has gone bye” is not correct. It is a common confusion because “by” and “bye” are homophones (they sound the same and are spelled differently).

Has Gone By or Has Gone Bye

Sometimes, a simple comma can alter the meaning of a sentence. Indeed, the use of a comma at the end of the line “has gone bye” could transform it into a correct line. For example, you could say “so much time has gone, bye!” and it can be a perfect dialog for someone waving goodbye to somebody else while saying that so much time has passed.

On the other hand, if there’s no comma, you can’t use the word “bye” in replacement of the word “by”. It is a common mistake in the use of English because the two words “by” and “bye” are homophones, and thus, sound the same but have different meanings and spelling.

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Has Gone By

“Has gone by” is a correct expression and it means that something has passed, or elapsed. It can be used to talk about time or certain periods. For example, you can say “summer has gone by so fast” and you’ll be saying that time passed faster than expected.

Let’s see how to use “has gone by” in some examples:

  1. Time has gone by so fast that I was barely even to get things done this week.
  2. So much time has gone by that I was not sure you would even recognize me anymore.
  3. After so much time has gone by you think you can just show up at my door as if nothing happened?
  4. I have been rushing all my life as if time has gone by faster for me than for the rest of the world.
  5. Veronica told me that time has gone by very slowly for her while she was in college studying hard.
  6. Time has gone by faster in another moment of my life, now that I’m retired, it goes by slowly and calmly.
  7. Magnus was a man for whom time has gone by too quickly; yet, he managed to write a dozen great books.

Has Gone Bye

The use of “has gone bye” is incorrect. It is a common mistake because the word “by” and the word “bye” sound the same. Nevertheless, the inclusion of a comma in the sentence could be enough to transform it into a correct expression, for example, “the opportunity has gone, bye!”

The incorrect use of “has gone bye” as a synonym for “has gone by”. That being said, you can still use the expression with a comma.

So, incorrect examples could be:

  • Time has gone bye so fast; it seems as if we arrived yesterday!
  • The summer holidays were super fun; I never realized the time has gone bye so fast!
  • Time has gone bye so fast, I realized the moment I went back home and everything was so changed.

Correct examples could be:

  • You should have said something when you had the chance, your moment has gone, bye!
  • Don’t look at me like that, I just feel our time has gone, bye!
  • The opportunity comes once in a lifetime, and your time has gone, bye!

“Has Gone By” – Synonyms

“Has gone by” is a common expression used to talk about the passing of time. Since English is such a rich language, it is positive to learn synonyms for this line and not to sound repetitive, especially when writing. So, here we have five synonyms to keep your writing interesting.

  • Passed
  • Elapsed
  • Flitted
  • Ticked away
  • Sailed by

Final Thoughts

Homophones are usually a matter of confusion, especially in written language. In the case of “has gone by” and “has gone bye”, the two words sound the same and can lead to misuse. That being said, “has gone by” is correct while “has gone bye” is incorrect.

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