25 Good Excuses to Leave Work Early

It can be tricky to come up with good excuses to leave work early. Some people like faking to be sick or coming up with interesting or sudden excuses to get themselves out of work. This article will explore some of the best options to get you out of work.

Good excuses to leave work early are a headache, feeling sick, and a doctor’s appointment. Most bosses won’t want to pry too much into these issues as people deal with personal sickness in their own ways.

Good Excuses to Leave Work Early

1. A Headache

A headache is a simple illness you can use. Most people don’t work well with a headache, which is why it’s a good choice.

  • I have a really bad headache, sir. I don’t think I’m going to be able to continue working.
  • My headache is getting worse. Please, let me go home early for the day.
  • This headache is killing me. I haven’t been productive for most of the day.
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2. Feeling Sick

Feeling sick can get you out of work early, especially if the symptoms are quite obvious to your boss. Of course, if you’re not actually sick, you might want to try faking it.

  • I feel sick, Mr. Smith. I’m really sorry to do this to you, but I’m going to have to leave.
  • I’m not sure why I feel sick, but I definitely can’t continue doing my work right now.
  • I’m feeling too sick to continue. Is there any way we can do this another time?

3. A Doctor’s Appointment

A doctor’s appointment is a very common excuse. Most of the time, an appointment like this can’t be rescheduled. It’s only polite to let you leave to make it on time.

  • Oh, I have a doctor’s appointment at 2. I’m going to have to leave early. It’s important.
  • The doctor’s appointment has been pushed forward, meaning I’m going to leave now.
  • I thought you had a doctor’s appointment at that time. That’s why you were leaving early.

4. A Family Emergency

Most people won’t ask for more information if you say you have a family emergency. It’s an effective excuse because it shows that you need to sort something personal out.

  • There’s a family emergency at home. I need to get out of here to make sure everyone’s OK.
  • I just got a call about a family emergency. I’m so sorry, but I need to leave.
  • It’s a family emergency! Please, let me leave early today.

5. A Private Matter

Talking about a private matter is one of the top excuses out there. Most people don’t like to pry into “private” or “personal” issues, so you don’t have to explain yourself.

  • I’m afraid I can’t tell you more about it. It’s a private matter, but I need to sort it out.
  • She mentioned that she had a private matter. That’s why she left early.
  • I can’t tell you more because it’s a private matter. Just know that I’m sorry about leaving.

6. A Personal Matter

A personal matter is another great choice to stop you from having to come up with a decent excuse.

  • It’s a personal matter, so I can’t tell you more about it. I have to go.
  • I’m sorry, but this personal matter cannot wait. Please, save me a space for the meeting tomorrow.
  • This is a personal matter, but it’s urgent. I wouldn’t usually leave like this.

7. An Upset Stomach

An upset stomach is a good one because it makes most people feel uncomfortable. Most bosses will not ask you for proof and won’t ask you to explain more about your illness.

  • I have an upset stomach. Trust me. You do not want me clogging up the toilet.
  • My upset stomach is getting worse as the day goes on. I need to leave right now.
  • He has a bit of an upset stomach, so I let him go. You don’t want to smell the toilets right now.

8. Toothache

Toothache is an incredibly painful thing, and most people know that. That’s what makes it such a good choice to get off work early.

  • He told me about his toothache. I figured it was best for him to leave.
  • Why is my tooth hurting so much? It’s making it so hard for me to work.
  • This toothache is unbearable. I’m afraid I’m going to have to leave right now.

9. Utility Broke Down

If something at home has broken down, you may need to leave to go and get it fixed before further damage occurs.

  • I’ve just got a call saying that my bath has broken down, and I need to go home to stop the flooding.
  • My sink has broken down, and it won’t stop leaking water. I have to leave.
  • My partner said that my sink is faulty, so I need to go home to prevent any damage to the house.

10. Sick Child

Sick children can’t be helped, and it may fall to you to help them out. If no one else is able to care for them, you’ll have to leave early.

  • My child is sick. I have to go to him when sick to make sure he’s going to cope.
  • I’m sorry, but I need to leave because my child is sick.
  • I have a sick child waiting for me at home. I don’t want her to suffer alone.

11. Call From Child’s School

A call from your child’s school is almost certainly not a good sign. Mentioning this to your boss will give you a good reason to leave early.

  • I just got a call from my child’s school. I’m afraid we’ll have to do this some other time.
  • I got a call from my child’s school about their conduct. I need to leave right now.
  • My child’s school just rang me, and things aren’t going well for him. I need to go.

12. Babysitting Emergency

If you couldn’t find a babysitter or the babysitter couldn’t make it in time, you might have to leave to take care of your children. It would be cruel to expect you to work while your children were alone.

  • The babysitter’s car just broke down, so she’s not able to look after my child.
  • I’m sorry, but my babysitter isn’t able to do her job tonight. I can’t be here right now.
  • I have a daycare emergency! I need to sort it out before I can focus on my work.

13. Delivery

A delivery slot is always a good option. Be careful using this one on Saturday or Sunday, though. Most places don’t deliver on the weekends.

  • There’s a delivery scheduled for two today, so I’d appreciate you letting me go home early.
  • Can I go home early to pick up a delivery at 1? I will work overtime tomorrow to make up for it.
  • There’s a delivery coming later that I need to be home for. I’m going to leave for it.

14. Internet Installation

Internet installation requires you to be at home to greet the installer. That’s why it works as an excuse.

  • We have the internet installation service coming along at lunchtime. I have to be home for that.
  • I’ll have the cable guys out installing cable from 3 till 4. I need to be there.
  • I’m leaving early today because of the internet installation taking place at my house.

15. A Business Event

A business event is a good excuse to leave as it still shows that you’re working. Most bosses will have no issue with this excuse.

  • I have a business event, as you know. I need to leave early today.
  • I’ll be heading out at 3 for the business event. I’m sorry if that’s inconvenient.
  • The business event is at 2. Is it OK if I leave at 1 to get there on time?

16. A Wedding

A wedding is usually planned months in advance, so it’s wise to let your boss know as soon as the wedding is planned. Don’t leave it till the last minute to tell them that you need time off.

  • I thought you said you had a wedding to go to. What time is that again?
  • I’ve got a wedding to sort out. I need to be home by 3 at the latest.
  • I’m sorry, but the wedding comes first right now. My job will take a back foot.

17. Home Invasion

As far as funny excuses go, a home invasion could work wonders. The better the story you come up with, the better the excuse will sound.

  • I just got a call about a home invasion! I can’t believe this! I need to leave.
  • There are so many burglars in my home right now. I have got to leave.
  • They’re trying to run off with my classical paintings! I must go and stop them!

18. Someone Is Locked Out

If someone has locked themselves out of your house, it may be up to you to rescue them. You will have to leave early to help them out.

  • My kid is locked out of the house. I’m so sorry, but I need to leave right now.
  • I just got a call from my partner. That idiot locked himself out of the house again.
  • I’ll need to leave early today because Suzie is locked out of the house.

19. Car Problems (At Lunch)

Car problems are a good one to use if you travel during your break. It works well in retail jobs when you leave work for your lunch break.

  • I was traveling to the bar for lunch, but my car broke down. I won’t be able to come back.
  • My car broke down during the lunch break. I’m afraid I have to leave early to fix it.
  • Oh, my car broke down! That’s why I’m leaving early.

20. Unexplained Discomfort

Unexplained discomfort works well in many situations. Most people would be too uncomfortable to ask you what’s the matter. You do not need to overexplain your situation, as long as you feel uncomfortable or ill, you can leave.

  • I don’t feel good, so I think I need to go home. I’m not working very well right now.
  • I feel really strange. Is it OK if I take the rest of the afternoon off? I’ll make it up to you.
  • I need to take some time off to sort this out. I’m not sure what’s wrong with me.

21. Menstrual Cramps

Menstrual cramps are a great excuse for women to use when they want to leave work early. It’s very effective if you have a male boss, as they often don’t know how to respond.

It’s also wise to use cramps as an excuse in general when pregnant.

  • Trust me, sir. You don’t want to know what’s wrong with me, but I need to leave early today.
  • I have cramps! I need to leave! Do not try to stop me.
  • I’m having some issues in the lady department, and I would appreciate leaving early.

22. A Job Interview

If you are sick of your job, going to another job interview during working hours could be a great way to show your boss that you no longer care. It’s a risky choice, but it’s a fun one if you can pull it off.

  • I have a job interview to go to. I need to leave right now for interview purposes.
  • I’m afraid I have that job interview today. I’m going to leave.
  • I’ll leave early today to go to my job interview.

23. A Business Meeting

A business meeting is a great excuse, showing you’re still taking your job seriously. Most bosses will understand if you have to go to a meeting during working hours.

  • Remember that I have a business meeting booked for 12. I’ll leave early for it.
  • I’m leaving early for a business meeting later.
  • I have a business meeting. I’m not coming back afterward.

24. Dinner Reservations

Dinner reservations can be tricky, as it was up to you to book an appropriate time while you weren’t at work. Nevertheless, this phrase might work if you’d rather not cancel dinner plans at night.

  • I made dinner plans, so I can’t work my full shift tonight.
  • I’m afraid my dinner plans will come before my job. Sorry about that.
  • These are important dinner plans. I can’t just cancel them!

25. Grandparent Death

You will find that a grandparent’s death is a suitable excuse to get out of many things early. It is one of the best excuses, but it is also one of the most unbelievable (especially if you’ve used it more than once).

  • My grandfather just died. I need to be with my family.
  • I’m afraid I have to leave because my grandfather died.
  • Oh, no! My grandmother died again. I’ll have to go and see my mother.

Is It OK to Leave Work Early If You Have Nothing to Do?

Generally speaking, no. It is not OK to leave work early if you have nothing to do. Most bosses would not accept it if you decided to leave before your shift ended.

Unfortunately, that may mean that you’re sitting around at work with nothing to do. However, it’s best to stay in the building until you know you can leave.

You should also confirm with your boss to see whether you can leave early. Maybe they’ll be lenient and let you go if you ask them (rather than taking it upon yourself to leave without permission).