Gluts or Glutes – Which Spelling Is Correct?

When working out, do you train your “Gluts” or your “Glutes”? There seems to be some confusion as to which is the correct form for this word.

We want to know which form is correct and if any should be avoided. We also want to fully understand its meaning.

Gluts or Glutes – Which Spelling Is Correct?

When talking about workouts, the correct spelling is “Glutes”. This is an informal way to talk about the “Gluteus”, which is a muscle area people seem to focus on, despite the pain. In this context, “Gluts” is incorrect and should be avoided. However, in other contexts, “Gluts” is acceptable.

gluts or glutes

Take a look at the examples below.

  • Jamie’s personal trainer told her that they would be training gluts today. (incorrect)
  • Jamie’s personal trainer told her that they would be training glutes today.

The correct word for the muscle area around the “Gluteus” is “Glutes”. Keep in mind that “Glutes” is very informal, and should only be used in casual environments where you can have a light conversation about things.

For a more formal setting, use the traditional word, “Gluteus”.

Also, keep in mind that although “Gluts” is incorrect in the context of working out and muscles, it’s a valid word, with meaning and usage.

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It’s incorrect to use “Gluts” to refer to the muscle area we call “Gluteus”. However, “Glut” means to provide such an amount of an item that it’s more than needed or wanted, or a quantity larger than can be sold. When talking about excess supply, you can use “Gluts”.

This is the definition we find in The Cambridge Dictionary for the word “Glut”: “a supply of something much greater than can be sold or is needed or wanted”.

We’ll go over some examples that include “Gluts” incorrectly, followed by the corrected version o the same sentence. And we’ll also add some correct examples of sentences using “Gluts” correctly.

  1. This exercise will target your gluts. (incorrect)
  2. This exercise will target your glutes.
  1. The gluts are made up of 3 muscles. (incorrect)
  2. The glutes are made up of 3 muscles.
  1. The glut of people entering the workforce will increase competition for jobs.
  2. The glut of new housing around the area made sure no one was without a home.


“Glutes” is an informal, casual way to talk about the “Gluteus”, which are any of the large muscles on each buttock. People who are workout enthusiasts often focus on this area to train and develop those muscles.

The Cambridge Dictionary forwards the reader to the word “Gluteus” when looking for “Glutes” because the latter is an informal way to address the first. However, the “Gluteus” definition agrees with the one we offered above.

Let’s look at some good examples:

  1. Today Jack was training glutes.
  2. The glutes are an important muscle group that should be trained like any other.
  3. There are thousands of glute exercises.
  4. Exercises like squats and glute bridges are great for working your glutes and legs.
  5. Tight glutes during exercise can lead to injury.

Which Is Used the Most?

Which one of those forms is used more often, “Glutes” or ”Gluts”? Take a look at the graph from Google Ngram Viewer below.

gluts or glutes usage

This is a very interesting graph. “Glutes” are currently the preferred word, the one that appears to be used much more often. That wasn’t always the case, though. “Glutes” became a relevant word after 1990, which aligns with the time when working out and knowing muscle groups became a thing.

“Gluts”, on the other hand, has been a relevant word for much longer. It’s used less because it’s a technical word used for commerce and business. This is expected. But the graph indicates that “Gluts” has been around for longer and has sustained its position as a relevant word.

You can use both words, as long as you are mindful of each word’s meaning.

Final Thoughts

“Glutes” is the correct word to talk about the muscle area we call “Gluteus”. It’s a fun, informal way to indicate that area of the body. “Gluts” isn’t appropriate to talk about a person’s buttocks. It means an excess supply of something, that isn’t desired and is hard to sell.