“ForsenCD”: Meaning & origin + 4 example sentences

If you’ve ever found yourself in the Twitch Streamer Forsen’s (real name: Sebastian Hans Eli Fors) chat, you’ve probably seen the “forsenCD” emote floating around. It can be difficult to understand what the point of it is to those not in the know. It started very specific to his fanbase but has since become a very popular emote on Twitch.

What Does “ForsenCD” Mean?

“ForsenCD” means that DrDisrespect fans are most likely in the Twitch chat at the time, and people are mocking them. It is an emote on Twitch that was created as part of the FrankerFaceZ collection. It is a mainstay emote for the Forsen channel, though if you’re subscribed to the channel, you will be able to use it just about anywhere on the site.

The emote itself features a close-up and distorted picture of Forsen’s face wearing sunglasses and a mustache. This look replicates the recognizable look of DrDisrespect, which is why it’s used as a way to mock his fanbase. There are various other emotes that end with the CD tag from other streamers, but only the “forsenCD” emote officially uploaded and used on Twitch.

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What Is The Origin Of “ForsenCD?”

The emote “forsenCD” was uploaded to Twitch in a raffle draw as part of a Forsen stream in 2018. The origin of the “CD” portion of the emote is said to mean “Cheating Disrespect,” though that has never been officially confirmed. There was a lot of drama surrounding DrDisrespect at the time of creating this emote, which led to it being used to mock him and his fanbase.

However, some people believe it’s got nothing to do with DrDisrespect (the “CD,” not the emote itself), and that’s it’s a reference to how Twitch’s text-to-speech system pronounces the phrase “D omegalul C” on Forsen’s channel. Either way, the emote is definitely a joking reference to DrDisrespect due to the sunglasses and mustache, and people have been using it to represent that.

Why Has “ForsenCD” Become So Popular?

“ForsenCD” is the 42nd most popular FFZ emote on Twitch, according to StreamElements 2021. It’s easily one of the most popular emotes to date and still holds relevance now.

If you don’t know much about the drama surrounding DrDisrespect at the time, it’s not really relevant anymore. Most people use “forsenCD” now as a way to mock the fact that DrDisrespect got banned on Twitch on June 26, 2020. He has since changed platforms and is not indicate that he will ever return to Twitch.

Now, if known DrDisrespect fans come into Forsen’s chat or Forsen’s chat go to see DrDisrespect stream on another platform, they will likely spam the “forsenCD” emote. Even if they’re not on Twitch, where the word will be replaced by the emote picture, they will still use it because the word itself holds the same value as the emote does.

It’s dropped off in popularity somewhat since its release in 2018, but that hasn’t stopped diehard Forsen fans from wanting to make the most of it when they get a chance. If you fancy using it yourself, it would help to know a little bit about Forsen and be a subscriber of his to ensure that you have the ability to use the emote in any Twitch stream chat.

3 Examples Of How To Use “ForsenCD.”

Since “forsenCD” is more of an emote and not a word, it can be difficult to show you a conversation in which it is included. However, we will give you some scenarios where it might make sense to use (or spam) the “forsenCD” emote.

*DrDisrespect fan makes himself known in a Forsen stream by typing in chat about it.*

Chat: forsenCD forsenCD forsenCD forsenCD

*DrDisrespect is streaming on his new platform. Forsen fans enter his chat.*

Chat: Forsen rules! forsenCD forsenCD forsenCD

Chat1: forsenCD forsenCD

*Forsen is streaming unrelated content.*

Chat: forsenCD is that a DrDisrespect fan?

Chat1: I like him, yeah.

Chat2: forsenCD forsenCD forsenCd forsenCD forsenCD forsenCD

It’s most popularly used as a spam feature. Spam emotes are when you repeat the same line over and over again to drive home the importance of the meaning. One “forsenCD” alone in a message is usually never enough.