“For The Day” – Meaning Explained (Helpful Examples)

The phrase “for the day” applies to a few different situations. It would help to understand what all of those situations are and how we can make the most of it. To help you with this, this article will explore all there is to know about it.

What Does “For The Day” Mean?

“For the day” means the whole day. It could mean that we are “out” for the whole day or have completed something that took “the whole day.” It allows us to move on from what we have done over the day, which helps us think about other things.

for the day meaning
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Examples Of How To Use “For The Day” In A Sentence

It might help you to explore some examples of the phrase in action. This will make it much easier for you to understand what the phrase means and how different contexts apply to it.

  1. I have worked all day long, but I’m finally done for the day.
  2. Okay, I’m done for the day! If you need anything else from me, you’ll have to catch me tomorrow.
  3. I’m out for the day, so I won’t be able to reply to your message.
  4. I’m out for the day, so I can’t be there to help you with that.
  5. Oh, sorry, but the boss is away for the day. Is there anything I can help you with?
  6. He is not here for the day, which is why you’ve had a hard time reaching his phone.
  7. I am done for the day! Thank the Lord for that!

“For the day” applies whenever we want to cover the full length of the day. The most common words to use before it are “done” (meaning we’ve finished our job for a full day) and “out” (meaning we are away for a full day).

Can “For The Day” And “Of The Day” Be Used Interchangeably?

“For the day” and “of the day” are not interchangeable. We use “for the day” to show that the entire length of the day (or thereabouts) is covered with whatever we say. “Of the day” is something we use to talk about things that change on a daily basis.

Here are some examples to show you the differences:

  • I am out for the day.
  • What are your specials of the day?
  • I am done for the day, and I need to go home.
  • This is the drink of the day! Would you like some?

What Does “Done For The Day” Mean?

“Done for the day” means we have completed our work or job. We might use it after a long and hard day at work. After such a day, we’re more than happy to go home and relax, which is why we say we are “done for the day” to show that no more work needs completing.

“Done for the day” doesn’t have to relate to the entire day. It only means that the “day” is our full “work day,” which is about eight hours for most working people.

What Does “Out For The Day” Mean?

“Out for the day” means we are not going to be in an expected place for the period of an entire day. It could mean we are on vacation or have chosen not to do something that we would usually do (i.e., not show up to work).

Generally, if we are “out for the day,” the implication is that we will be back to normal working order tomorrow. Someone might say we are “out for the day” when they expect to be back tomorrow. So, if anybody needs them, they know they only need to wait a day.

Is It “For The Day” Or “For Today”?

“For the day” and “for today” are both correct, though “for the day” is more common. Some people think saying “out for today” or “done for today” is a bit jarring, and many native speakers will avoid using it for this reason.

“For The Day” – Synonyms

It might help you to see some synonyms for the phrase. If you’re not all that comfortable with it or you just want different options, try one of these: