Meaning & Origin of the Slang Word “Fire” (With Examples)

It can be pretty interesting, although hard, to determine where slang terms come from. What is the origin of the slang word “fire”? And what does it mean? This article will answer both of these questions and present you with several example sentences to help you understand it properly.

What Is the Origin of the Slang Word “Fire”?

The slang word “fire” can be said to come from Middle English, a time in which the expression “on fire” was already used to refer to something that was very well performed, inspired, and filled with passion. This specific meaning of fire can be said to come from that period.

fire slang meaning origin

Of course, the word has not stayed at the same levels of popularity as a slang term, and its modern usage can actually be traced back to the decade of the 1990s.

This decade saw a rise in people describing things that were deemed as “great” or “powerful” as “fire”, and the usage of several songs that used this meaning helped cement that in the public eye.

In the modern internet era, the term has been re-popularized once again, but this time thanks to an emoji. The “fire” emoji is frequently used to describe things that, once again, are seen as “great”.

Because the “fire” emoji is used for these purposes, the use of the slang word “fire” has once again increased, alongside other variations like “FYA” and “lit”, which mean similar things.

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What Does the Slang Word “Fire” Mean?

The slang word “fire” is used to describe something that is perceived as “appealing” or “great”. If we compare it with a similar slang term, we can say that “fire” is a synonym of “cool” when it comes to slang meaning. It’s a word that describes sleek, appealing things.

People often use “fire” to describe things that they like. If someone describes a song as “fire”, then it means that they really like the beat, lyrics, and instrumentation.

Alternatively, if someone uses “fire” to describe a meal, then what the term basically means in that context is that the meal tastes really good.

“Fire” is used in any given situation to describe something as appealing or great for that specific type of thing. For a meal, it’s tasty. For a song, it’s good. So on and so forth.

The slang word “fire” is generally used by people of a certain age, people who are familiar enough with the term to put it in use. This is a trait shared by many slang terms.

Therefore, the demographics that use “fire” will normally be fairly young people, who will be at most in their 30s, but most will be in their 20s and teenage years.

How to Use the Slang Word “Fire” In a Sentence

Using the slang word “fire” might seem intimidating if you’re unsure of how to use it, or if you’ve never seen it used before. But it’s a very simple application, in which you use it as a descriptive adjective. Here are some example sentences to help you out:

  1. That meal we ate was really fire, I loved the sauce and how crispy the fries were.
  2. If you haven’t heard his new song you really need to because it’s fire, I love it.
  3. His latest horror movie was fire so I’m super excited for this new one which looks just as good.
  4. That place is fire, they have fantastic food, really cheap drinks, and a very large dance floor.
  5. That city’s public transportation system is fire, your commute is going to be extra cheap.
  6. That’s fire, I really love her dance routine because you can tell she practiced it very hard.
  7. You have got to order their curly fries because let me tell you they are absolute fire.
  8. The new remodeled library is fire, I know you will absolutely love hanging out there.

Final Thoughts

Though the slang term “fire” might seem like a completely new invention, it has influences that range from the 1990s to Middle English. It’s used as a synonym for cool, to describe great things, and it’s not a very hard term to pick up and learn.