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Everyone Like or Everyone Likes - Which Is Correct?

Everyone Like or Everyone Likes – Which Is Correct?

“Everyone” is a confusing phrase. It refers to multiple people, but it’s a singular form. That’s why you want to know whether “everyone like” or “everyone likes” is correct.

Luckily, we’re here to help. We’ve explained everything you need to know about the correct phrase.

Everyone Like or Everyone Likes – Which Is Correct?

“Everyone likes” is grammatically correct. Since “everyone” is singular, the verb must match the subject. So, “likes” is the only appropriate verb form when using a singular subject. For example, “everyone likes me.” “Everyone like” is never correct, as “like” is in the wrong form.

You can check these examples to see how which is correct:

  • Correct: I’m happy to say that everyone likes him now. He’s done a lot to fix his ways.
  • Incorrect: Everyone like music. You just have to find the right genre for you.

You should read on to learn more about the different phrases. We’ll help you understand why only “likes” works in this situation.

Everyone Like

“Everyone like” is incorrect. It uses the wrong form of “like,” which is why you can’t use it.

Remember, “everyone” is a singular term. Therefore, you must use the singular verb form (which is “likes”). “Like” is only appropriate in the plural form as a verb.

Here are some examples to remember the differences:

  • Correct: I’m not sure if everyone likes this. I’ll have to ask them more about it.
  • Incorrect: I’m told that everyone like me. Maybe that’s because they feel bad, though.

The same rules also apply when using “everybody.” Both “everyone” and “everybody” are singular forms referring to groups of people. So, “likes” is appropriate for both of them.

For instance:

  • Correct: Everybody likes me.
  • Incorrect: Everybody like listening to him.

Everyone Likes

“Everyone likes” is the correct phrase. It matches with the singular subject “everyone.” You can use “likes” here because it’s the singular verb form.

You’ll always be correct if you match the verb with the subject. It might feel strange at first since “everyone” refers to a group, but it is still a singular entity.

You may want to refer to these examples to help you:

  • So, everyone likes the party. We certainly did a good job with all of this.
  • Everyone likes me now. I don’t know what I did, but I’m glad they’re on my side.

Also, “everybody” works in the same way. It is a singular entity, so “likes” still applies. To help you remember that, you can refer to the following:

  • Everybody likes her, but I’m not sure why.
  • Everybody likes the way he dances.


“Everybody likes” is the correct phrase. It works since the verb and subject match. They are both singular, so you should only use “everybody” with “likes.”

“Everybody like” is incorrect. “Like” is only appropriate with a plural entity, but “everybody” is not plural.