“Esketit” meaning: 4 examples of how to use “esketit” in a sentence

If you’ve been following any younger folks on social media, you may have heard them say the phrase “esketit”. This could have been said by a young person you know, or a young celebrity.

What does “Esketit” mean?

The meaning of “Esketit” (pronounced Es-Ket-It) is “let’s get it”, and it has a similar meaning to “stop fannying around, and do it!”. Usually, when people say this word, it’s told with bravado and determination.

In this article, I want to look at where this word comes from, why we shorten words and look at “esketit” in a few example sentences.

So without further ado, esketit.

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Who created “Esketit”?

The phrase was coined by a rapper who goes by the name “Lil Pump”. Lil pump is known for having his hair in crazy colours, and often rapping about how great he is.

This seems to be a common theme among many rappers that young people like to listen to.

If you’re anything like me, the first time you’d have heard about Lil Pump is on the news when he decided to endorse then President Donald J Trump. This is not too common for a celebrity. However, he is not the only rapper to have supported him.

Why do we shorten phrases into words?

If I were to ask you “Why do we shorten words”, the answer would probably be “because it’s quicker”. But I take issue with this notion.

The issue I have is that “esketit” and “let’s get it” both have the same number of syllables. So we’re not making it shorter by turning 3 one-syllable words into 1 three-syllable word.

The actual reason we tend is to shorten words is because it sounds cooler. And I know that seems like a rather invalid reason, but that’s because the English language is dictated by usage, not logic.

Example #1: From Lil Pump

Let’s take our first example from the word’s origin. Here is a short quote from one of Lil Pimps songs.

“Only wear designer, esskeetit (ouu!)

Hoppin’ out the Wraith, esskeetit (esskeetit!)

Smashin’ on your bi***, esskeetit (ouu!)”

If that paragraph makes no sense to you, allow me to translate it.

“I only wear expensive clothes. I work hard to earn the money.

Getting out the Wraith (a type of Rolls Royce). I’ve earnt that car, and I’m about to earn even more money.

Making love to your romantic partner. I get a lot of intimate relations”.

Even though what Lil Pimp wants to get changes from line to line, “esketit” has the same meaning.

As a rapper, much of what he says is only understood by young people.

Credits to BedBible.com for providing this tip.

Example #2: To motivate someone (even yourself)

These next three examples are ones that I have thought up myself. “Esketit” can be used as a motivational line, to inspire yourself to grab life by the horns and make the most out of it.

“I wake up in the morning, and I think ‘esketit'”

In this example, our speaker is saying that he wakes up in the morning, he likes to believe he can make the most out of every day. This could be about making money, but it could easily be about other things such as experience or friends.

Example #3: When talking about intimate relations

“Esketit” can also be used to talk about getting things of bodily pleasure. And yes, when I say that, I am talking about intimate relations.

“I’m looking good. So are the ladies. Esketit”.

In this example, our speaker is in a location filled with beautiful females. He says that he intends to mingle with them and perhaps even make love to one of them.

Although, based on my experience of this world, men who think like that don’t tend to have much luck of “getting it”.

However, it’s a clear example of how you can use “esketit” to talk getting intimate relations.

Example #4: As an alternative to “Let’s get it”?

In our final example, “Esketit” can be used as merely a replacement for “let’s get it”.

“There’s a new pizza? Esketit”

In this example, our speaker has just discovered a new pizza, and he is telling his talking partner that he wishes to order it and try it. If he were to say “There’s a new pizza? Let’s get it!”, the phrase would have the same meaning.

However, because our speaker is in a casual conversation, he can use terms that are not in the English Dictionary and is free to use slang terminology.

Alternatives to “Esketit”

As we all know, there is more than one way of saying “esketit”. Let’s take a look at some of them.

You could just say the whole phrase “let’s get it”. It has precisely the same meaning and the same number of syllables.

If you want to encourage yourself to get up early in the morning, a phrase many like is “The early bird gets the worm”, meaning that you can make more out of your day if you wake up early.

And finally, you could use the classic “Let’s rock n roll”- where “roll” means to get going.

Others words made from shortened phrases

In slang, several words blend more than one word into one. Here are some of the most common.

“Imma”, a shortened version of “I’m going to”.

“Imma pop to the shops”.

“Hafta/Havta” a shortened version of “Have to”.

“I hafta go”.

“Watcha”, a shortened version of “What are you?”

“Whatcha doing”.

In all of these examples, we are taking a short phrase and condensing it to become a single word. Sometimes, making it shorter, and sometimes, just making it sound modern and more youthful.

Of course, by the time you read this, new words may be coming out.


“Esketit” means “let’s get it”. Even though it has the same number of syllables, it’s becoming popular among the young folk. It has an uplifting and powerful ring to it.

It was initially created by the Trump-supporting rapper Lil Pump, but it has since been adopted by many who like to listen to his music.

It’s the youngsters’ version of “let’s rock and roll”.

Hopefully now when you talk to your kids or even grandkids, you can have a slightly better idea of what they’re talking about, and perhaps even adopt some of their lingo yourself.