Either or Eather – Which Spelling Is Correct?

Coming across a different spelling for a word we know is puzzling. All of the sudden, we find ourselves doubting what the correct spelling is. An example could be “either” and “eather”. If this confusion sounds familiar to you, worry not; we’ll clear all doubts in a handful of paragraphs.

Either or Eather – Which Spelling Is Correct?

“Either” is a correct word in the English Language that can be used in many scenarios; for example, in negative sentences replacing “also” and “too”. Also, it can mean a choice between two possibilities. “Eather”, on the other hand, isn’t a correct word in English, it can be a misspelling.

either or eather

“Either” is a word that can be used in many scenarios. For example, it replaces “also” and “too” in negative sentences, means one of two possibilities, or can also be used to mean “both” in some sentences. “Eather” on the other hand, can be considered a misspelling of this word or a typo. In any case, it shouldn’t be used since it is not a correct word in the English language.

Since “either” is a correct English word and “eather” isn’t, they can’t be used as synonyms and they aren’t interchangeable.

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The word “either” is perfectly correct in the English language with a plethora of meanings. It can be used to replace “too” and “also” in negative sentences, to refer to a choice between two possibilities, and to mean “both”. This word can be used in US and UK English alike.

Checking the Cambridge Dictionary to see the correct use of the word “either” we find the same three definitions cited above; as a replacement for “too” and “also” in negative sentences, to talk about a choice between two options, and to mean “both”.

Let’s see how to use “either” in a sentence through these examples:

  1. I am a vegetarian, so I don’t eat meat, chicken, or fish and my partner doesn’t either.
  2. The dress can be either black or white; what do you think looks better on me?
  3. The place was crowded and I was surrounded completely, I had football fans on either side of me.
  4. The place we went for a burger yesterday had amazing food, and it wasn’t expensive either!
  5. Taking the train, the bus, or the metro is more or less the same, either way, it’ll take you an hour to get here.
  6. I’m telling you, I don’t have friends on either side of the fight; I can’t relate to violent people.
  7. When we reached the final interview, it was clear that either I or Susan would get the job.


“Eather is not a correct word in the English language. Moreover, it can be a misspelling for many words like “feather”, “leather”, “weather”, and “either”. If you see it written, you can assume it is a mistake made by the writer. Furthermore, you shouldn’t use it.

The word “eather” is not correct in the English Language, so it should be avoided. Moreover, if someone would ask you “is eather a word?” The answer should be no.

To shed some more light on this word, we went to look for it in the Cambridge Dictionary and found out that it isn’t a part of the prestigious dictionary’s vast database. Moreover, it offers correctly-spelled words such as “feather”, “leather”, “weather”, and “either as misspelling possibilities.

Let’s see some wrong examples you shouldn’t follow using “eather” in replacement for “feather”, “leather”, “weather”, and “either”:

  1. He said my suitcase was as light as a eather.
  2. I hope the sun keeps on shining on us, although I checked on the eather forecast and it said rain.
  3. Are your shoes made of eather? I love the way they shine!
  4. It was eather him or me, so I gave my 110% to reach the finishing line in the first position.
  5. I can’t stand eather hot coffee or hot tea, I prefer cold beverages when the weather is this hot.

Which Is Used the Most?

To check on words’ popularity levels, there is no tool more powerful than the Google Ngram Viewer. We checked it for “either” and “eather” and the result was unsurprising.

either or eather usage

While “either” has enjoyed a consistent popularity level for the last century, “eather” was not used at all.

Final Thoughts

“Either” is a word in the English language that can replace “also” and “too” in negative sentences, mean the choice between two options, or mean “both”. “Eather”, on the other hand, is not a correct word in the English language; it should be avoided for being a misspelling or mistake.