“Each Is” Or “Each Are”? Correct Version Explained

The word “each” comes with interesting quantifiable rules. It is technically a plural word since it refers to a group, but it doesn’t follow standard plural rules. This article will explain whether “each is” or “each are” is more appropriate.

“Each Is” Or “Each Are”: Is “Each” Singular Or Plural?

“Each is” is correct because “each” is a singular form, word. We use it to refer to each individual (singular) member of a group (plural). While both the plural and singular forms are mentioned, only the singular form applies to “each.”

each is or each are

Some writers believe that “each are” is correct, but this is not the case. There are no places where “each are” makes grammatical sense, and we should not be tempted to use it in our writing.

Remember, we split a group into individual parts whenever we use “each.” This means that we’re referring to each member or thing on a singular level, making “is” the only correct verb.

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Examples Of How To Use “Each Is” In A Sentence

So, now that we’ve seen which is the correct verb to accompany “each,” it’s time to look into how it works. We’ll include some examples to show you exactly what you can expect from the verb form.

  1. Each of you is going to have to deliver a powerful presentation on this topic.
  2. Each of them is making sure that we can get to the other side.
  3. Each of them is important, and I tell them that all the time.
  4. Each of us is in need of something new before it’s too late.
  5. Each of his children is helpful, which is more than can be said about him.
  6. Each of the teachers is making sure that their students are in the best educational system.
  7. Each of us is going through something worse than the rest (if that’s even possible!)

“Each is” is a phrase we can use with pronouns like “you,” “they,” or “us” to establish groups. We can also specify the group or number of people if we want to. “Each” is always a singular word to refer to everyone individually within the group rather than the group as a whole.

How Prevalent Is The Use Of “Each Is” And “Each Are”?

We also have some statistics to share with you about the popularity of the phrases. We’ve already mentioned that “each are” is incorrect, but it’s still a surprisingly common mistake for some writers to make.

According to Google Ngram Viewer, “each is” is the most popular choice because it’s the only correct one. However, you can see that “each are” is also sometimes used, even though it is an incorrect form. You should avoid using it yourself.

each is vs each are usage

Is It “Each Of Them Is” Or “Each Of Them Are”?

The phrase “each is” isn’t all that common. We usually have to add a pronoun or group between “each” and “is” to demonstrate what we’re talking about.

“Each of them is” is the only correct form. We use it to show that every individual in the group “them” is doing something.

  • Correct: Each of them is here to stay.
  • Incorrect: Each of them are here to help.

Is It “Does Each Of Us” Or “Do Each Of Us”?

“Do each of us” is correct because “do” applies to singular form words. We cannot use “does each of us” because “does” is the plural word, which is never right.

  • Correct: Do each of us have to be here?
  • Incorrect: Does each of us matter?

Is It “Each Of Them Has” Or “Each Of Them Have”?

“Each of them has” is correct because “has” works in the singular form. We use it to split the group apart, which is what “each” attempts to do. “Each of them have” is incorrect.

  • Correct: Each of them has a story to tell.
  • Incorrect: Each of them have each other.

Is It “Each Of Us Is” Or “Each Of Us Are”?

“Each of us is” is correct because we’re using “each” in the singular to split up the group “us.” The same rules apply, meaning only the singular verb “is” works.

  • Correct: Each of us is going to report you.
  • Incorrect: Each of us are making sure we’re okay.

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Is It “Each Of This” Or “Each Of These”?

“Each of these” is correct because we haven’t yet established the group in the context. We use “these” to refer to the plural group, while “each” is the singular word that splits it up. “This” is also singular, which does not work with the singular “each” because a group is not formed.

  • Correct: Each of these people is happy to help out.
  • Incorrect: Each of this thing is here for you.

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