Cuter or Cutter – Which Spelling Is Correct?

When you need a sharp device to cut something, do you name it “Cuter” or “Cutter”?

We want to know what’s the correct spelling for this word, and if any of those forms is incorrect and should be avoided. We also want to know if those words are synonyms.

Cuter or Cutter – Which Spelling Is Correct?

“Cuter” and “Cutter” are both valid, acceptable words. However, they aren’t synonyms and have different meanings. “Cutter” is the correct spelling for the word that indicates someone who works cutting things or a device that performs this job. “Cuter” is the comparative form of the word “Cute”.

cuter or cutter

Take a look at some examples below:

  • Dogs are cuter than cats.
  • Dogs are cutter than cats. (incorrect)
  • At work, Hank uses a guillotine or a paper cutter.
  • At work, Hank uses a guillotine or a paper cuter. (incorrect)

Each set of examples deals with a different word in its correct form. In the sets, the sentences are the same, except for the fact that one sentence uses the word “Cutter” and the other sentence uses the word “Cuter”.

In the first set, we compare how cute dogs and cats are. In that scenario, the correct word to use is the comparative adjective for “Cute”, which is the word “Cuter”. The word “Cutter” in that context is incorrect and should be used.

In the second set, we talk about a device that Hank uses at work to cut paper. We believe it’s clear at this point which word is correct. “Cutter”, as a tool that does the job of cutting, is the correct word to be used in the sentence. “Cuter” should be avoided in this context.

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“Cuter” is the comparative adjective associated with the word “Cute”. We call something “Cute” when we think it’s pleasant or attractive. “Cuter” is used to compare and indicate things that are more attractive or pleasant than others.

When looking at The Cambridge Dictionary for the word “Cuter” the reader is forwarded to the word “Cute”.

Take a look at the examples:

  1. The second dress was cuter than the first.
  2. Every picture Jack showed me was cuter than the last.
  3. How can I make this outfit cuter?
  4. Can Luna get any cuter?
  5. Do you think dogs or cats are cuter?


“Cutter” is used to indicate a person who works cutting things, in cases when his job position is to be a “Cutter”. It can also indicate a device or tool used to cut things. The only correct spelling for this word is “Cutter”, with a double “t”. “Cutter” and “Cuter” aren’t synonyms and cannot interchange.

The Cambridge Dictionary forwards the reader to the definition of “Box Cutter” when we look up the word “Cutter”. It seems limited to us.

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary has a clearer, better definition of “Cutter”. It also adds that a person who cuts themselves on purpose is called a “Cutter” – individuals who do that should seek medical attention, and ask for help.

Let’s look at some examples:

  1. We’ll need a box cutter for this.
  2. Lonnie, please be careful with that cutter, it’s sharp.
  3. My friend used to be a cutter, but she sought help and is doing much better now.
  4. The starter kit comes with a cutter.
  5. It’s company policy to always keep the cutters locked.

Which Is Used the Most?

“Cuter” and “Cutter” are correct words with completely different meanings. However, we remain curious to find out which of them is used more often. Let’s find out by taking a look at the graph from Google Ngram Viewer below.

cuter or cutter usage

“Cutter” is the prevalent word, used more often. The graph shows that this has always been the case, but it also shows that the usage of the word “Cutter” has been constantly dropping.

“Cuter” is less common but seems to be growing in usage a little in the past few decades.

Final Thoughts

“Cuter” and “Cutter” are different words, with different meanings. They aren’t synonyms and cannot interchange. “Cuter” is the comparative form of the word “Cute”. “Cutter” is someone who works cutting things or a device or tool that serves the purpose of cutting. “Cutter” can also mean someone who cuts themselves.