Crackalackin – Meaning, Origin & Example Sentences

“Crackalackin” is the sort of expression that can be very confusing at first glance. If you’ve never seen it before, it’s hard to discern what it means just by context. This article is going to explain what “crackalackin” means so that you know how to use this phrase.

Crackalackin – Meaning

“Crackalackin” is a phrase that is used as a synonym for “happening”. Thus, you use “crackalackin” in the exact same way that you would use “happening”. It’s a slang term alternative that plenty of people use casually. This word is often used by the African American community.

crackalackin meaning

You can use “crackalackin” in basically all of the ways that you would use “happening”. If someone asks “what’s happening?”, you could instead say “what’s crackalackin?”. The meaning of both questions would remain the same.

“Crackalackin” is a great alternative to “happening” that is especially apt for informal, casual situations. It’s the sort of slang that young people tend to use, and is more uncommon among the older generations.

If someone greets you with “what’s crackalackin?” you can simply say “nothing much, what’s up with you?” as a reply.

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How to Use “Crackalackin” in a Sentence

Using “crackalackin” in a sentence is really easy. In text messages or in casual conversation, it’s simply a handy synonym for “happening”. Therefore, you can construct a normal sentence and replace that word for “happening”. Here are a few example sentences so you can learn how to use this word:

  1. Greetings my esteemed friend and companion, what’s crackalackin?
  2. Hey do you have any idea what’s crackalackin over at the main branch of the office?
  3. Do you think she knows what’s crackalackin or should we go ask someone else?
  4. If he can tell what’s crackalackin then I think anyone will be able to tell what’s crackalackin.
  5. Hey man, what’s crackalackin in this part of the city right now?

Crackalackin – Origin

We don’t exactly know who said “crackalackin” first. However, it’s very likely that the term comes from the phrase “what’s cracking?”. This phrase is also a synonym for “what’s happening?”. Over time, it’s likely that “what’s cracking” became “what’s crackalackin”.

In the mid-2000s, the word “crackalackin” experienced a surge in popularity. This surge is probably at least partially because of the animated movie “Madagascar”. This term is repeatedly used in the animated film.

The movie did not make up this word, as it existed from a few years beforehand at least. However, it’s safe to say it re-popularized it.

Crackalackin – Synonyms

“What’s crackalackin?” is a phrase mainly used as a slang equivalent of “what’s happening?. There are plenty of different slang phrases that also accomplish this fact. Here are some synonyms for “crackalackin”:

  • What’s good?
  • What’s the business?
  • What’s poppin?
  • What’s going down?
  • What’s up?

Correct Ways to Say “Crackalackin”

With slang terms like “crackalackin”; it’s very common to get several variations on the standard phrase. This is because slang terms spread and become popular really quickly. “Crackalackin” has several correct phrasings that we can make use of. Here are some correct ways to say “crackalackin”:

  • Crack-a-lacking
  • Crackalacking
  • Crackalack
  • Crackalack’d

Incorrect Ways to Use “Crackalackin”

There are several incorrect ways for people to use “crackalackin”. The first of all is to try to use “crackalackin” in the past tense. As a slang term, “crackalackin” only works as a synonym of present-tense “happening”. You can’t use it in the past or future tense.

Therefore, it’s safe to say that “crackalackin” is not a synonym for the verb “to happen”. Rather, it’s a synonym for “what’s happening?”. You can’t forget this, or you risk using it incorrectly.

In What Situations Can You Use “Crackalackin”?

“Crackalackin” or “what’s crackalackin” is an expression that you can use in plenty of situations. If you arrive at a place and you see an acquaintance, you can greet them with “what’s crackalackin?”. If something is supposed to be happening and it isn’t, you can ask “what’s crackalackin?”.

At the same time, we should say that you should only use “crackalackin” in very informal situations. If your job is a professional environment, you should avoid using the term there.

Naturally, “crackalackin” is a deeply informal term. You shouldn’t use it in any sort of formal environment. That being said, it’s perfectly fine in any sort of casual situation.