6 Correct Terms For Electricity Coming Back After A Power Outage

When the power comes back on, what do you say? This article explores that.

Which Terms Can Describe When Electricity Coming Back After A Power Outage?

When electricity comes back after a power outage, you could use colloquial terms like “The power/electricity is back (on/up)” or “power has been restored”. You can also use more professional terms like “The electricity is operational”, “The electricity is functioning” or “The electricity is up to standard”.

Which Terms Can Describe When Electricity Coming Back After A Power Outage?
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3 Correct Casual Terms For Electricity Coming Back After A Power Outage

It’s wise if we begin by looking at some of the ways people say that the electricity has come back during day to day speech. Most of us are not electricians or physicists, and the following phrases are the ones you are likely to say to your friends or family.

  • The Power/Electricity is back

Just very blunt and straight to the point.

  • Power is back up/on

Similar to the last one, but with the optional addition of up or on.

  • Power has been restored

I know it sounds like something out of a movie, but it’s a common phrase in places like California.

4 Example Sentences Of Casual Terms For Electricity Coming Back After A Power Outage

  1. “I know that wasn’t a great hour, but thankfully the power is back now, so we can go back to watching rubbish on TV that none of us really like”

  2. “It’s been a few hours now, but the power is back on, so we can put our feet up and watch a movie. I fancy something cheap and cheesy, something that the critics hate, but the fans all love”

  3. “Now that the power is back on, I can get back to work. I think we should try to have power outages more often, they’re always incredibly enjoyable”

  4. “The electricity went out because of that fire on the news. But now, power has been restored and we can all go back to normal

3 Correct Professional Terms For Electricity Coming Back After A Power Outage

However, if you are listening to a scientist or government official, they might use some more professional sounding language. Here are some examples.

  • The electricity is operational

To make it clear that whatever issues there were before have been resolved.

  • The electricity is functioning

To highlight the fact that what wasn’t working before now is.

  • The electricity is up to standard

To say that not only is the electricity back, but it’s also back to a standard that people can function under.

4 Example Sentences Of Professional Terms For Electricity Coming Back After A Power Outage

  1. “As a representative of the Red State government, I am pleased to announce that power is operational again, and our citizens can therefore return to the standard of living they were used to before”

  2. “The electricity is functioning again. But we would advise you to be careful not to overload it again, the system is very old and isn’t designed for such a large population size”

  3. “Now that the voltage is up to standard, the efficient continuation of our business pay continue”

  4. “The power supply is sufficient enough to enable the hospital to perform all of it’s procedures”.

Why Does Electricity Go Out During A Power Outage?

When the electricity goes down, there could be a variety of reasons for this. Here is a list of just a few of the possible reasons for electricity being down.

  • A wire was hit by lightning
    Causes a strong surge that cut everything off

  • A power line was down
    A break in the chain prevented electricity from getting to where it had to

  • Some wiring was faulty
    Electricity cannot pass through a faulty wire.

The Two Main Kinds Of Power Outage

When you hear a phrase like “The power is back”, it will usually be after two kinds of outages.

The first outage is called a blackout. This is when the electricity completely shuts off, and nobody can use any. You will have to figure out how to cope without electricity until it gets fixed.

But the second outage is known as a brownout. During a brownout, there is still some electricity, however, due to faults, the current is not as strong as it should be.

This means that light bulbs are not as bright as they should be. Charging takes longer than it usually would. And the radio could sound a bit fuzzy.

These issues might seem trivial, but the consequences can be terrible when they happen to hospital equipment.


And there we have all the terms that people use for when the electricity comes back after a power outage.

Next time this happens to you, you’ll now have a better idea of what kinds of phrases you should say.

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