Cheesey or Cheesy – Which Spelling Is Correct?

Have you ever met someone who doesn’t like cheese? We think it would be a rare find since most people like cheese and “Cheesey” things. Or should we say “Cheesy”?

We want to find out which is the correct spelling for this word, and which we should avoid. Let’s go!

Cheesey or Cheesy – Which Spelling Is Correct?

“Cheesy” is the correct word to use when referring to all things that taste like cheese. It can also refer to something bad in quality.  “Cheesy” is an acceptable adjective, that you can use in your speech. “Cheesey” is a misspelling for that word and it shouldn’t be used.

cheesey or cheesy

Take a look at some examples below:

  • Linda loves cheesey pop music. (incorrect)
  • Linda loves cheesy pop music.

“Cheesy”, in this example, refers to bad quality pop music. It’s a valid way to describe it, and “Cheesy” makes sense in this sentence.

“Cheesey” is a misspelling and, as such, should always be avoided. Keep that in mind when choosing your words when communicating.

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“Cheesey” is a common misspelling for the word “Cheesy” that refers to things that taste like cheese, but aren’t necessarily made with it. It’s incorrect and shouldn’t be used. “Cheesey” is an unacceptable form of the word, because it’s incorrect.

Is “Cheesey” a word, after all? Looking at The Cambridge Dictionary, we find that it doesn’t acknowledge “Cheesey” as a word, so the answer to this question is no. “Cheesey” is not a word.

We’ll take a look at some examples that include the incorrectly spelled word “Cheesey”, followed by a correct form of the sentence.

  1. The commercial was so cheesey. (incorrect)
  2. The commercial was so cheesy.
  1. Henry loves eating cheesey snacks. (incorrect)
  2. Henry loves eating cheesy snacks.
  1. Carol is such a cheesey romantic. (incorrect)
  2. Carol is such a cheesy romantic.


“Cheesy” is the correct word, with the appropriate spelling, to indicate something that tastes like or of cheese. It’s an acceptable word, used informally in casual conversations. “Cheesy” can also indicate something bad in quality or taste, like music or behavior, for example.

The Cambridge Dictionary also adds that “Cheesy” can relate to the bad smell of something: “if someone’s feet, shoes, or socks are cheesy, they smell unpleasant”.

Take a look at the examples below:

  1. I love watching cheesy reality TV shows.
  2. Ymir said the movie felt cheesy and was not worth watching.
  3. Even though the book is cheesy and predictable, it was enjoyable.
  4. You sound so cheesy when you talk about Paul.
  5. He loves eating cheesy food, go figure.

“Cheesy” is a word that has many different meanings and can relate to many things. On top of the meanings we mentioned above, “Cheesy” can also be used to describe something or someone over dramatic.

The bottom line is that you must get yourself acquainted with all of those meanings, so you can use them all appropriately. Also, it’ll help you understand what people mean when they use the word “Cheesy” to express themselves to you.

Which Is Used the Most?

Which one of those forms is used more often, “Cheesy” or “Cheesey”? Let’s take a look at the graph from Google Ngram Viewer below.

cheesey or cheesy usage

“Cheesy” is the word used more frequently, according to the graph. This is what we expected to see because “Cheesy” is the correct spelling for the word, which all people should be using. What we didn’t expect to see is the considerable growth that the word “Cheesy” had since 1980.

The graph shows that “Chessy” was trending down and being used very little. Then it experienced a revival and has been growing almost continuously ever since. It’s interesting and unexpected.

“Cheesey” barely appears on the graph, standing at the bottom of it. Considering it’s an incorrect form, we weren’t surprised by it.

Keep in mind that you can always use “Cheesy”, and should always avoid “Cheesey”.

Final Thoughts

“Cheesy” is the correct word to indicate something that tastes like cheese or is made of it. It can also describe something cheap, or low quality. “Cheesy” is an informal and casual word. “Cheesey” is an incorrect form for spelling this word and, as such, you shouldn’t use it.