20 Best Replies To “Get Lost” (Witty & Clever)

When someone tells you to “get lost”, you need to know what sense they mean it in, and how you can use that to come up with a response that gives a similar vibe. The three main tones that people say “get lost” in are serious, jokey, and flirty. People may also say “get lost” online, this is usually said either as a joke, or out of frustration.

best replies to get lost

5 Best Serious Replies To “Get Lost”

Our first set of insults are for those times when someone has said “get lost” and they genuinely want you to just leave them alone. The last thing you want to do is stay longer than you have to. So, our advice is to just throw one of these at them and then walk away.

Don’t Worry, I’m Going

As we just said, the last thing you should do in this situation is to hang around for too long. By saying this, you’re letting them know that you respect their wishes, and you’re willing to leave them alone and give them the space that they require.


“Okay” makes it clear that you fully understand they don’t want you around anymore. There is no point in saying anything else. This single word makes it clear that you understand and respect their wishes.

You do not need to waste your time trying to convince them that you haven’t done anything wrong. The best thing to do in this situation is just leave it alone, accept your fate, and go away.

Say Nothing- Just Walk Away

Sometimes, the best thing to say is nothing at all. Anything else you say will just make the situation worse. So, the best thing to do is just to leave the situation, and allow them to wallow in their own misery.

Not everybody deserves your time. If someone who doesn’t deserve it tells you to get lost, the best thing you can do is just respect their wishes.

I Understand

This option is great for the times when you fully understand why they want you to go away. There is no point in justifying what you’ve done because you know it’s wrong, and all there is to do now is leave the situation.

Are You Sure?

BE CAREFUL WITH THIS ONE. You should only say it if you are 100% sure that the other person doesn’t mean it and they are just saying it to test you. It will give them the chance to rethink what they’ve just said to you.

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5 Best Funny Replies To “Get Lost”

However, there will be other times in life when someone tells you to “get lost” but doesn’t mean it. They’re just saying it to be playful or banterous. In this circumstance, acting series is probably not the best idea, which is why we’ve compiled a list of ways you can respond to “get lost” when it’s meant nicely.

I Did. That’s How I Found You

The joke here is that you did get lost, and in getting lost, you managed to find this other person. They are the person who gets found when others get lost.

The implication here is that you are only friends with them because you got lost one day, and stumbled across them.

Oh, I Get Lost Very Easily

A nice bit of self-deprecating humour. The joke here is that you are the kind of person who easily gets lost, and therefore, you probably don’t need someone telling you to.

What’s funny here is that even if they hadn’t told you to get lost, you still would have found a way to do it.

My Mind Already Is

To lose your mind means to go crazy. So, this response is also a nice bit of self-deprecating humour. You are saying that you are crazy and have already lost your mind.

They will not be able to insult you because you have already insulted yourself.

Can’t, I Got Google Maps

Gone are the days of needing a map to know where you are. Most of us carry our smartphones around with us all the time. This one is purposely misunderstanding what the other person is saying to you.

In This Economy?!

What’s funny about this response is that it makes no sense. What would the state of the current economy have to do with someone’s ability to get lost? Because it makes no sense, it will throw the other person a curveball and make them laugh with confusion.

5 Best Online Replies To “Get Lost”

One common time that you might be told to go away is when you’re talking to someone online. Particularly in the kind of environment where good manners aren’t always everyone’s priority, such as during online gaming sessions.

When someone online tells you to go away, you need to have a reply that is both funny and slightly rude. This is why we’ve created this list of responses to “go away” when you’re online.

Suck It!

I probably don’t need to explain what “it” means in this situation. But, when you tell someone to suck it, you make it clear that you do not respect them a lot. It’s a great phrase to use during a game where you are winning.

That’s What She Said.

This one is funny because it makes no sense. Usually, you would say this after someone says something unintentionally sexual. However, when you say it during a non-sexual conversation, it becomes funny.

Perhaps it could be seen as self-deprecating as you’re implying that women often tell you to go away.

Bro, You’re Like 12

Instead of having a good comeback to “go away”, why not just discredit the person saying it? The person you’re talking to doesn’t need to be 12, they could be 30. But, when you imply that someone is 12, you’re making it clear that you think of them as immature.

Why? Because I’m Beating You

If you want to make it clear that you are beating them, this one could be a great reply. Most of us like to win as often as we can, so when you rub it in their face that they’re losing, it can make them get even angrier.


Rather than coming up with some kind of traditional comeback, why not make your comeback a refusal of their request? People might want you to go away, but you are far too happy with how annoyed they’re getting to do that.

5 Best Flirty Replies To “Get Lost”

And the final circumstance where you might get told to “go away” is when you are flirting with someone. Of course, when someone flirtatiously tells you to go away, they never actually want you to. But, it’s important to come up with a good reply so that you can continue vibing off one another.

So, here are a few suggestions about how to respond to “go away” during flirtatious circumstances.

Only If You Join Me

You don’t mind being lost. All you want is to be with this other person, and so long as they are with you, you don’t mind where you are. You could be in a new place that you are unfamiliar with, but so long as they’re with you, you don’t mind.

I Already Was Before I Found You.

Before you met this person, you were lost in life. You didn’t know who you were or what you wanted. But, once they came into your life, suddenly, everything fell into place, and you knew what you wanted out of life, and you were able to finally be happy.

Okay. Wanna Join?

Getting lost can be fun. You get to discover cool new places. But, everything fun is made even more fun when you do it with someone you love. Invite them to get lost with you, and discover all of the magic of the world.

I Wish I Could.

For some, getting lost is rather romantic. To be able to get away from all the stress and pain of everyday life, would be the dream. And by opening up about your dreams, can cause you and your partner to become closer.

I’m Already Lost In Your Eyes

Okay, I’ll admit, this one is incredibly cheesy. But if someone has got beautiful eyes, why not let them know? Your partner should be flattered that you noticed their eyes, and it will be an incredibly romantic gesture.


And there we have 20 ways that you can reply to someone who tells you to go away. Of course, this is not a final list, and if you can think of anything else that you want to say, then feel free to go off this list.

However, we hope that what we have provided you with today gives you at least some kind of idea about the circumstances where you might get told to “go away”. Next time someone says this to you, you won’t be left dumbfounded, and you’ll have a better idea of what to say.