Asterisk or Asterix – Which Is Correct?

Have you ever wondered what to call the little sign * ? 

Some people say “asterisk,” and some say “asterix,” but which is correct?

Keep reading because this page explains exactly what to call a * sign, so you don’t mispronounce it again.

Asterisk or Asterix – Which Is Correct?

The correct spelling for the symbol * is “asterisk.” You should pronounce the word as “aster risk” and NOT “aster rix.” The term “asterisk” appears in all dictionaries, some of which also state that “asterix” is a mispronunciation and not a valid word.

asterisk or asterix

The term “asterisk” represents the symbol *

The asterisk symbol has several uses, including:

  • Indicating missing words or letters
  • Indicating an unverified expression or language
  • Indicating a footnote

Many people spell and pronounce the symbol as “asterix.” However, you will not find “asterix” in dictionaries; it is an error that has gained popularity over time.

Now that you know which one is correct, keep reading to learn how to pronounce the term “asterisk” correctly.


The term “asterisk” refers to the symbol * on a keyboard or in text.

The symbol is most commonly used to indicate missing parts of a word, such as swear words or footnotes.

For example:

  • He stepped in some dog s*** while he was walking down the road.
  • The competition is open to all subscribers.*

*Subscribers must be over 16

The word itself “asterisk” means something similar to a “blemish” or “mark.”

  • He has won many matches, but many people place an asterisk on his record because he is a cheat.
  • Our civilization is merely an asterisk on the timeline of the planet.

Some people mispronounce the word “asterisk” as “aster rix.” However, the correct pronunciation is “aster risk.”


The term “asterix” is a misspelling of the word “asterisk,” which represents the * sign.

The spelling and pronunciation with the “x” have grown in popularity, even though it is incorrect. This growth in use has possibly come about because of the famous French literary character “Asterix.”

You cannot find the spelling in dictionaries, and you should not use “asterix” in your writing or when you say the word.

How to Pronounce Asterisk

You should pronounce the word “asterisk” as “aster risk” and NOT “aster rix.”

Here is a video so you can hear the correct pronunciation of “asterisk.”


The correct term is “asterisk,” and you pronounce it with an “sk” sound at the end.

The word “asterisk” refers to the symbol *, and the written word “asterisk” also means something similar to a “mark” or “blemish.”

The term “asterix” is incorrect, and the word should not be spelled or pronounced with an “ix” sound at the end.