Is “As Are You” Grammatically Correct? Meaning & Examples

Throughout conversations with so many people in the entirety of our lives, I’m sure it’s not only me who’s encountered some phrases that made us confused or flustered. It’s not that we don’t get it, but we’re unsure if it is correct. Like, is ‘as are you’ even accurate?

Is ‘As Are You’ Grammatically Correct?

‘As are you’ is grammatically correct. Though it may sound wrong to some, it does not violate any grammar rules of the English language, thus making it grammatically correct. It also follows subject-verb-rule agreement and plurality rules, making it appropriate and grammatically correct.

as are you meaning grammar

Though, some might find the phrase awkward or unusual, mainly because ‘as are you’ is formal and is rare in daily or casual conversations. However, despite sounding too elevated or formal, ‘as are you’ is most definitely grammatically correct, and you can use it in conversing with others or writing something.

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What Does ‘As Are You’ Mean?

‘As are you’ is another way of saying ‘you too’ or ‘so are you.’ We use it to respond to a statement that one thinks also applies to the person talking to someone. It may be a way to compliment or even insult someone.

In the phrase ‘as are you,’ ‘as’ can be understood as ‘like.’ In understanding similes, ‘as’ and ‘like’ have the same function of expressing similarities between two things. In ‘as are you,’ ‘as’ is also used in the same way. ‘As’ shows similarity or two different people or things being likewise. ‘Are’ is simply a connector, while ‘you’ refers to the person with whom the speaker is conversing.

Putting all the pieces together, we can form the definition for ‘as are you,’ which means one person is likewise the person he/she/they are talking with.

Examples Of How To Use ‘As Are You’ In A Sentence

‘As are you’ is a phrase that needs a context as its thought is not independent. So, it’s best to show examples of using ‘as are you’ in more elaborated situations than just single sentences. So, below are examples of when ‘as are you’ is applicable.

  • Thank you for everything, Maya! You’ve been such a kind mentor to us, and we enjoyed the workshop.
  • As are you, juniors! You’ve been kind and cooperative too, so I’m thankful for all of you.
  • You don’t deserve this recognition at all. Your works are not worthy of praise. You’re a bad artist.
  • As are you, my friend. None of your crafts were better than mine. At least people see my work’s worth.
  • You look beautiful today, Maria. You’re glowing and radiating such great energy.
  • As are you, Bea! You look even more stunning than usual. You’re today’s star.
  • You’re a piece of trash, and you’ve done nothing to help me or help us!
  • As are you! You’ve only been bringing me down the whole time we were in a relationship!
  • You’re a fun person to be with! I was afraid we’d be awkward, but I’m thankful we clicked right away.
  • As are you! I’m glad we became close with each other that fast.
  • I don’t care what you say, but you’re still the worst person to me! All you’ve ever done is hurt me endlessly.
  • As are you. You don’t know how much I’ve suffered because of the things you do to me.
  • You’re a very passionate leader. You inspired me a lot, and I’m glad I got to experience your leadership.
  • As you are, Macy. You’re a great leader, and I’m honored to have learned from you.

What Is The Difference Between ‘As Are You’ And ‘So Are You?’

‘As are you’ and ‘so are you’ are essentially the same in meaning. Both phrases mean that someone is likewise something another person said. The two are also interchangeable. The only difference is that ‘so are you’ seems to sound more natural and less formal than ‘as are you.’

Below are examples of the two phrases interchanged.

  • As are you, Trina. You’re such a good dancer, and you rocked the stage.
  • So are you, Trina. You’re such a good dancer, and you rocked the stage.
  • As are you, Mrs. Martin. Thank you for being such a kind teacher to us. You’re much kinder than us.
  • So are you, Mrs. Martin. Thank you for being such a kind teacher to us. You’re much kinder than us.

‘As Are You’ Synonyms

Below are words and phrases synonymous with ‘as are you.’

  • You too
  • So are you/So do you
  • Likewise
  • Same to you
  • You as well

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