Is” And Also” Grammatically Correct? Explained For Beginners

We often see “and also” casually written alongside one another. Although, you may have noticed that this is a seemingly odd combination. Because of this, you may be curious to know – is it actually grammatically correct to use “and also”?

Is It Grammatically Correct To Use “And Also”?

To be forthright, no, it is generally not considered grammatically correct to use “and also” in writing or verbal communication. Although some folks still choose to utilize this phrase, this is not proper nor perfect English and is considered redundant in meaning.

and also grammatically correct

When we say that a term or phrase is “redundant”, we mean to express that it is not needed or is no longer useful.

We use the word “and” to join together two clauses in a sentence. Similarly, we use the word “also” to express “in addition” or “too”. Therefore, the terms “and” and “also” are consistent – causing the use of the terms together to be considered redundant.

While some argue that the use of both terms alongside one another offers direct emphasis to a statement, this is not always the case. Often, it causes a sentence to become entirely nonsensical. Here is an example depicting this:

  • He went to the carnival and also did I.
  • He went to the carnival and so did I.

However, if we are writing or speaking informally, most will not bat an eye at the correct usage of the adverbs “and also”. This is especially true in the case of emphasizing an important point or making nouns at the end of the list. For example:

  • Hiking is a great form of physical exercise and also an enjoyable pastime.

Therefore, while not necessarily considered incorrect in an informal sense, “and also” is generally not considered highly acceptable in the professional or academic community. This is because redundancy does not always come across as a necessary attribute in an official article, paper, report, etc.

Can I Use “And Also” At The Beginning Of A Sentence

It is not considered proper English to begin a sentence with a clause. While often used in informal conversations or writing, this is not necessarily grammatically correct. Not only is “and also” redundant in meaning, but it will not come across as proper to an academic or professional audience.

In some languages, redundancy is used to establish emphasis over a point or statement. However, for the sake of clarity to an audience, in the technical usage of any language where we need to express ourselves in the fewest possible terms, redundancy is best avoided.

Essentially “and” adds nothing to the beginning of a sentence, as “also” already means in addition. If “and also” is used, its purpose is generally to mark nouns at the end of a list, rather than clauses at the beginning of a sentence. However, we are able to use these terms to begin a sentence colloquially or informally, although, this would more often be done using one term or the other.

Is It Appropriate To Use “And Also” In An Email?

While it is often considered grammatically incorrect and redundant to use this phrase in any formal manner, we can informally utilize this phrase. Therefore, if the email that we are composing is not considered to be professional or academic, then we could choose to use this phrase.

We should use this phrase sparingly; only for emphasis purposes. We will use this phase to give extra significance to a specific item or perhaps a further addition to a list that you are creating.

Should I Use “Also” Instead Of “And Also”?

Generally, yes, you should use “also” in place of “and also” in a sentence. As to not be redundant or add unnecessary cheesiness to a formal sentence, we would just use “also”. However, it is important to note that beginning a sentence with “also” is considered a colloquialism.

A “colloquialism” is defined as a word or phrase that is not literary or formal. Typically we would use this in an ordinary or familiar conversation. Because of this, colloquialisms do not often come across as appropriate or necessary to an academic or professional reader. Therefore, it’s best to just opt for another term whenever applicable.

Examples Of How To Use “And Also” In A Sentence

We’ll now go over some examples of sentences using the phrase “and also”. It’s important to keep in mind that these sentences may not be deemed appropriate or proper by some. However, if being used strictly informally, then it shouldn’t be an issue or bother to any reader or audience.

Here are the examples:

  • He’s an incredibly talented singer and also a fine actor.
  • Travelling to New York is an outstandingly fun experience and also highly educational.
  • I can hum and also whistle.
  • To say thank you for all the help, I am going to buy you some beer and also dinner this evening.
  • We are travelling to Florida so that we can go to Disney Land and also Sea World.
  • We rented a cabin in the woods so the whole family can spend Christmas together and also New Year’s Eve.
  • I have to study for my math exam and also practice for the dance recital on Friday.
  • Working out is a great way to get fit and also have an enjoyable time.
  • The weather network was saying that we’re supposed to get a snowstorm and also hail tonight.
  • I need to ensure that the baby’s nursery is finished and also pack my hospital bags by this weekend.

Examples Of How To Use “Also” In A Sentence

Lastly, we will go over some examples of sentences using the term “also”, considering it is generally a more acceptable term to use. It’s important to remember that the use of “also” at the beginning of a sentence is considered a colloquialism, however, it is still generally acceptable.

Here are the examples:

  • Thomas Edison is famous for inventing the lightbulb, but he also invented the phonograph.
  • I don’t think we should go out tonight because it is dark, but also snowing heavily.
  • My neighbors also attended the party last night!
  • She was fluent in English, but she was also in the process of learning French.
  • My Grandma also works as a greeter at Walmart!
  • It will also help to strengthen our cities economy if we choose to open the factory.
  • It is a very small house that also requires an immense number of repairs.
  • She also had a large sense of responsibility when it came to her job.
  • Your essay was very well written. Also, I enjoyed your oral presentation on the topic.
  • The work you put forth today was very impressive. Also, it’s important to note that the owners took notice of your dedication to the company.

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