Analysed or Analyzed – Which Spelling Is Correct? (UK/US)

The terms “analysed” and “analyzed” are often confused by English learners and natives alike. Therefore, this page looks at whether there is a difference in meaning or is the difference simply a regional spelling variation.

Analysed or Analyzed – Which Spelling Is Correct?

The spellings “analysed” and “analyzed” are both correct, and the two words are exactly the same. “Analysed” is more common in the UK and Australia, whilst “analyzed” is more common in American and Canadian English.

analysed or analyzed

The Cambridge Dictionary states that “analysed” is the past tense of “analyse”, which means to study or examine something in detail. It also says that “analyze” is the US spelling variant.

The two words are synonyms and are interchangeable. However, using both versions in the same text is not advisable.

Here are some examples of “analysed” and “analyzed” in a sentence:

  • We analysed the sales figures and decided to change some product lines.
  • After they had analysed the evidence, it was apparent she was innocent.
  • After we had analyzed his test results, we decided not to offer him the job.
  • They analyzed his performance and decided he would not play in the next game.

Analysed or Analyzed in the UK?

The Google Ngram shows that in the UK, “analysed” is the more common version, and it is also the version in the Cambridge Dictionary.

analysed or analyzed UK

Since the 1970s, “analysed” has fallen in frequency in the UK, whilst “analyzed” has grown in popularity as American spelling has gradually become more common worldwide.

Analysed or Analyzed in the US?

The Google Ngram for American English shows that “analyzed” has always been more popular in the US, despite falling in popularity over the last 40 years.

analysed or analyzed US

The term “analysed” is used far less in American English, but it is not entirely obsolete and occasionally appears in literature.

Analysed or Analyzed in Canada?

In Canada, for the most part, they follow American spelling rules. Therefore, the more standard version of the spelling in Canada is “analyzed.”

You will still find people using “analysed”, especially in the eastern states, but the standard version is “analyzed.”

Analysed or Analyzed in Australia?

In Australian English, people generally follow British spelling rules and therefore use the word ending “-sed” instead of “-zed”, which is favoured in North America.

Therefore, in the case of “analysed” and “analyzed”, the spelling “analysed” is the most common and standard version in Australia.

Analysed or Analyzed in Other Countries?

The Google Ngram for worldwide usage of “analysed” and “analyzed” shows that from 1800 to 1880, they were used with pretty much the same frequency.

analysed or analyzed usage

However, since 1880, “analyzed” has been more popular worldwide than “analysed.”

Final Thoughts

The terms “analysed” and “analyzed” are synonyms, and there is no difference in meaning. However, the spelling “analyzed” is commonly found in American and Canadian English, while “analysed” appears more frequently in British and Australian English.