“Aging Like Fine Wine” – Meaning Explained (With Examples)

You’ll often hear critics and other people talking about one actor or another “aging like fine wine”. If you’re not familiar with wine or odd sayings, this may leave you confused. Don’t worry though, as this article guide you through the meaning.

What Does “Aging Like Fine Wine” Mean?

The phrase “aging like fine wine” is meant to be used as a complement to mean someone or something has gotten better over the years. This comparison is usually made because it is thought the quality and flavor of wine improves over time, therefore getting better with age.

Aging Like Fine Wine meaning

When one receives the complement that they are “aging like fine wine”, it is intended to mean they have aged very well for whatever their age may be. One usually starts receiving this complement in their fifties and continues to receive it as they age further.

There are two very common meanings for someone to say you have been “aging like fine wine”. The first meaning is a complement to having kept up a desirable physical appearance as you’ve aged, as society tends not to view people as attractive after they reach a certain age.

The second common meaning for someone to say you have been “aging like fine wine” is in regards to your personality and character. It refers to someone who has become more well-rounded who is full of knowledge and behaves acceptably.

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What Does “Fine Wine” Mean?

While not everyone agrees on the exact definition of “fine wine”, it is, for the most part, agreed to mean a wine that’s been aged longer than average in order to greatly increase its quality and flavors. A “fine wine” is meant to be superior to most other wines available.

There is an optional process called “fining” used in the creation of wine to bring out extra flavors and increase its quality over a period of time. When done correctly, this can produce a wine far superior to the average and commonly available wine, giving the impression that a “fine wine” is better.

However, even a “fine wine” can reach its peak like a regular wine where it starts to decline and become less valuable and flavorful afterward. The conditions that wine is kept in can greatly affect when it reaches its peak, but all wine, even “fine wine” will reach its peak.

Examples Of How To Use “Aging Like Fine Wine” In A Sentence

It can be difficult to know how to use phases when writing or speaking, so it can be helpful to have references available to use. Using references can be a great way to understand how to use this phrase from the context around it.

Here are some great examples of how to use “aging like fine wine” correctly.

  • He’s been aging like fine wine.
  • She’s a great example of aging like a fine wine.
  • Their marriage has been aging like a fine wine and is sure to continue to get even better.
  • He used to be stubborn, but now he’s mellow and aging like fine wine.
  • She received a lot of comments on her 51st birthday cards about how she was aging like fine wine.
  • I heard my parents say they were aging like fine wine, but when I snuck a drink of wine it was gross, so I don’t know what they’re talking about.

Is It “Aging Like Fine Wine” Or “Ageing Like Fine Wine”?

Both “aging like fine wine” and “ageing like fine wine” are correct options to use. If you live within the Northern American continent, you will likely only see the phrase spelled with “aging” as that is the predominant spelling when adding the suffix “-ing” in this area.

The phrase using the spelling “ageing” is commonly seen outside of the Northern American continent. You will see this spelling frequently in places such as Britain, Australia, and other continents around the world.

“Aging Like Fine Wine” Synonyms

If you’re looking for a word or phrase similar to “aging like fine wine” but don’t want to use that specific phrase, there are a wide array of other sayings available.

Here are some synonyms for “aging like fine wine”.

  • You’re in pretty good shape for the shape you’re in
  • Taken care of yourself
  • Grown old gracefully
  • You look young for your age
  • You look good for your age