What Is the Abbreviation for Institute?

It can be tricky in English to know how to abbreviate words correctly, and there are often several versions of an abbreviation for one term. This article looks at the word “institute” in-depth and reveals how you can abbreviate it in your writing.

What Is the Abbreviation for Institute?

There is only one abbreviation commonly used for the word “institute”, and it can be used as either singular or plural. To refer to a singular “institute”, use the abbreviation “Inst.” and likewise, “Insts.” is used to refer to multiple “institutes.”

Abbreviation for Institute

The Cambridge Dictionary describes an “institute” as an organization where people perform a particular type of educational, social, or scientific work. This definition incorporates schools, universities, scientific research institutions, or any other organization involved in social work of some description.

There is no 3-letter abbreviation for the word “institute.” However, the abbreviation “Inst.” is listed in the Cambridge and Collins Dictionary as the short form for the term “institute” or “institution.” Therefore, it is typical for the abbreviation “Inst.” to be used to refer to any “institute” or “institution”, and you will often see it written in the name of schools, colleges, universities, and other “institutions.”


The abbreviation “Inst.” is the primary sole abbreviation used for the word “institute” or “institution.” It is cited in the Cambridge and Collins Dictionary as the official abbreviation, and it is common to see “Inst.” written in the name or title of “institutions.

The plural version of the abbreviation to refer to multiple “institutions” is “Insts.”, which is less common than the singular version, but still used nonetheless.

Here are some examples of “Inst.” in a sentence:

  • She attended the National Inst. of Marine Science for three years.
  • You need to send your application to the Liverpool Inst. of Higher Education.
  • We received approval from all three Insts. that we had contacted to include them in the proposal.
  • The US National Inst. of Standards and Technology promotes competitiveness and innovation.
  • The National Inst. on Aging is located in Baltimore, Maryland.

Should You Abbreviate Institute?

There is no guidance stating that you should not abbreviate “institute” or “institution”, and considering that the abbreviation is listed in the Cambridge and Collins Dictionary, it is a widespread and common word to abbreviate.

For example, you will often see the abbreviation “Inst.” being used to abbreviate the names of schools, educational establishments, and other generally non-profit organizations.

Common Usage of Institute Abbreviations

It is common to use the abbreviation “Inst.” to abbreviate the word “institute” or “institution.” You will often see it used as a way of saving space, especially in long titles.

However, you should avoid using the abbreviation in formal or academic writing or when using “institute” as a verb rather than refer to a noun, i.e. “an institution.”

Final Thoughts

There is only one abbreviation that is used for referring to the words “institute” and “institution”, which is “Inst.” for singular and “Insts.” for plural. This abbreviation is commonly used in the titles of educational establishments and other organizations with the word “institute” or “institution” in the title.