What Is the Abbreviation for Appointment?

“Appointments” are a standard part of everyday life, and you may have come across the word abbreviated in certain situations. This page examines and explains how to shorten “appointment” and provides examples of how the abbreviation is used.

What Is the Abbreviation for Appointment?

Only one abbreviation for the word “appointment” is found in dictionaries or in widespread use: “appt.” Care should be taken when using this abbreviation because it is also sometimes used for the word “apartment.”

Abbreviation for Appointment

The Cambridge Dictionary states that an “appointment” is a formal arrangement to meet or visit a particular person or place, often a doctor or dentist.

The abbreviation for “appointment” is not found in the Cambridge Dictionary, but it can be found in the Collins Dictionary as the abbreviation for “appointment.”

When using the abbreviation, care should be taken so that the reader does not confuse it with the abbreviation for “apartment”, which can also be abbreviated as “appt” or “apt.”

Please keep reading to learn more about each abbreviation and its usage.


The abbreviation “appt” or “appts” in the plural is the short form of “appointment” or “appointments.” The abbreviation “appt” is found in the Collins Dictionary, which shows that it is an accepted and recognised form.

The abbreviation “appt” is most commonly used when referring to a specific “appointment” rather than “appointments” in general. Furthermore, you should avoid using abbreviations when writing a formal or academic text.

There is also evidence that some people, although not many, use “appt” to mean “apartment”, so care should be taken that the two are not confused. The more common abbreviation for “apartment” is “apt.”

Here are some sentences with the abbreviation “appt” in a sentence:

  • I have an appt with Dr Mayweather at 6 pm tomorrow night.
  • Please call my secretary and schedule an appt for next week.
  • I have made an appt to take my cat to the vet because he hasn’t been eating properly.


The 3-letter abbreviation “apt” looks very similar to the abbreviation “appt”, except instead of meaning “appointment”, it actually means “apartment.”

You may occasionally come across a few people who use “apt” for “appointment”; however, the dictionary states that “apt” means “apartment”, and it is, therefore, best not to use it when referring to an “appointment.”

Should You Abbreviate Appointment?

Under certain circumstances, it is perfectly acceptable to abbreviate the word “appointment”, and in others, it isn’t.

For example, when referring to an actual or specific “appointment”, it would be common to use the abbreviation.

 However, the abbreviation would be less suitable if you are referring to “appointments” generally, such as when discussing availability or shortages of medical “appointments.”

Common Usage of Appointment Abbreviations

The time when people most commonly abbreviate the word “appointment” is in informal writing or correspondence referring to an actual or specific “appointment.”

If you were writing a more general text, for example, on the shortage of available doctor “appointments”, it would be less common to use the abbreviation, and the full version of the word is preferred.

Final Thoughts

The definitive abbreviation for the word “appointment” is “appt”, which is found in English dictionaries. However, some people use “appt” to mean “apartment”, so you should ensure that the two are not confused. Furthermore, the plural version of “appt” is “appts.”