What Is the Abbreviation for Application?

The use of the word “application” has grown in frequency in recent years because of the growth of “applications” on the internet and smartphones. This page examines how to use the short forms for “application” correctly and which are used to abbreviate the word.

What Is the Abbreviation for Application?

There are three commonly used abbreviations for the word “application.” The most common is “app”, but some people also use “ap” or “apl.” To make the plural of the abbreviation, simply add an “s” to the end, so they become “aps”, “apps”, or “apls.”

Abbreviation for Application

The Cambridge Dictionary defines an “application” as a computer program used for a particular purpose. The term “application” has grown considerably in the last 20 years in conjunction with the growth of internet or smartphone “applications.”

The abbreviations are often used to save space or in shorthand notes. It is uncommon to find the abbreviation for job applications or in a formal or academic text.

In AP Style, if you are going to use an abbreviation, it is best to write the full word the first time you mention it with the abbreviation in parenthesis. Then you can use the abbreviation for the subsequent mentions that appear later in the text.

Please keep reading to learn more about each abbreviation and its usage.


The term “app” is a 3-letter abbreviation for the word “application”, and it is the most common of the abbreviations for “application.”

It is most commonly used in shorthand notes or informal texts, and it is rare to abbreviate common words like “application” in formal writing unless there is a valid reason for doing so.

Here are some examples of how “app” appears in a sentence:

  • I downloaded the latest Premier League app so I can watch highlights.
  • If the app doesn’t work, try deleting it and reinstalling it.
  • You need an app that can read QR codes to see the menu.


The abbreviation “ap” is the second most commonly used abbreviation for “application”, although it is less popular than “app.”

The abbreviation “ap” can be used similarly to the other abbreviations for “application”, referring to a computer, internet, or mobile phone application.

In the USA, as with almost all abbreviations, it is common to place a period at the end of “ap”; however, in the UK, the practice of putting a period at the end of abbreviations is less common.

Here are some examples of the abbreviation “ap” in a sentence:

  • Most people order takeaway via an ap rather than directly from the restaurant.
  • Download our latest ap to receive special offers and discount codes.
  • Using an ap to pay for public transport is safer because you don’t need to carry money.


The term “apl” is used to abbreviate the word “application”, although it is not as common as “app” or “ap.”

The abbreviation “apl” can refer to mobile or computer “applications” when writing notes or informal texts. However, if you are writing an academic or formal text, you should avoid using abbreviations altogether.

Here are some examples of how “apl” appears in a sentence:

  • There are thousands of apls that can help you learn a foreign language.
  • I used a new ride share apl when I was travelling through Europe.
  • The new apl has all the features of the old one but it also has additional security features.

Should You Abbreviate Application?

It is common to use an abbreviation if you are writing an informal text or shorthand notes. However, abbreviations should be avoided in any type of formal or academic text.

Furthermore, the most common and universally recognised abbreviation for the word “application is “app” or “apps” in the plural.

Common Usage of Application Abbreviations

The word “application” is commonly abbreviated in marketing for mobile applications or in informal texts and web pages, often as a way of saving space. The most common of the three abbreviations is “app”, although you will still see “ap” or “apl” on occasions.

However, as with all abbreviations, they should be avoided when writing an essay or a piece of formal writing.

Final Thoughts

The word “application” can be abbreviated in three different ways. The most common is with “app”, but “ap” and “apl” are also used in certain circumstances. The three abbreviations can be made plural by adding an “s” so they become “apps”, “aps”, or “apls.”