What Is the Abbreviation for Apartment?

The word “apartment” is only abbreviated in one principal way that is universally used and recognized. This page examines the short form of the word “apartment” and provides example sentences showing the term in use. 

What Is the Abbreviation for Apartment?

There is only one abbreviation commonly used for the word “apartment”, which is “apt.” The abbreviation “apt” appears in all major dictionaries as the abbreviation for “apartment”, and it can be made plural by adding an “s”, so it becomes “apts.”

Abbreviation for Apartment

The Cambridge Dictionary lists the word “apartment” as a set of rooms for living that are part of a communal living space such as an “apartment block” or, in the UK, “a block of flats.”

The Cambridge Dictionary also lists the term “apt” as the 3-letter abbreviation for “apartment”, which shows that it is a recognized and accepted abbreviation.

There is evidence online that the abbreviation “appt” is used occasionally to mean “apartment.” However, this version of the abbreviation is not found in any dictionaries, and it is also an abbreviation for “appointment.” Therefore, if you wish to abbreviate “apartment”, it is better to use the more recognized version “apt.”

Please keep reading to learn more about each abbreviation and its usage.


The abbreviation “apt” is commonly used to abbreviate the word “apartment”, and the abbreviation is found in most dictionaries as the correct way to shorten “apartment.”

Abbreviating the word “apartment” is a relatively common practice, especially when writing addresses. However, it is less common to find the abbreviation in a regular text or academic writing.

In the USA, it is normal to place a period at the end of any abbreviation; therefore, in the US, “apartment” is abbreviated as “apt.”

Rather than just using “apt”, some people also like to add the “no.” to the end so that the abbreviation becomes an abbreviation for “apartment number”. However, this is not a requirement for the abbreviation to be understood.

Here are some examples of the abbreviation “apt” in a sentence:

  • I live in Norfolk Park Tower, 2nd floor, apt 3.
  • You should send future correspondence to Belle Vue Apartments, apt 45, South Vallarta.
  • Please visit Mr Turner at 23 Pershore Rd, apt no. 23 to see if he needs additional help.


The abbreviation “appt” is used by some people to abbreviate the word “apartment”; however, considering that there is already a recognized abbreviation for “apartment”, which is “apt, the term “appt” is found less frequently.

Furthermore, the fact that “appt” is also an abbreviation for “appointment” means that it may be quite confusing to use this version if it is not clear whether you are referring to an “appointment” or an “apartment.”

Nonetheless, some people still do use “appt” for “apartment”, and this is how it should be written in a sentence:

  • The address for the party is 21 Pinstone street, appt 22, and the postcode is S23 7HG.
  • Please redirect all mail to 43 Delf street, appt 8, Heely.

Should You Abbreviate Apartment?

It is prevalent and standard to abbreviate the word “apartment”, and the recognized form is “apt.”

The most common times you see the abbreviation used is when writing an address, where it is not necessary to mention the entire word, and sometimes the space you have to write on envelopes is limited.

However, in a text that contains regular prose, you would be less likely to use the abbreviation to refer to “apartments” in general or when not providing an address.

Common Usage of Apartment Abbreviations

The most common use of the abbreviation for “apartment” is for writing addresses on envelopes or packages or sending an address to somebody.

However, if you were writing a text about the state of new “apartments” in a city, it would be far less common to see an abbreviation. Furthermore, as with any formal text, all abbreviations should be avoided.

Final Thoughts

There is only one widely accepted way to abbreviate the word “apartment”, with the 3-letter abbreviation “apt.” This abbreviation is found in all dictionaries; to make it plural; you can add an “s” so it becomes “apts.” Also, you can add “no.” to mean “apartment number.”